All You Magazine's Beauty Battle Gets Tough

Have you heard of All You Magazine?  It's been around since 2004, helping you enjoy life for less. It has recipe ideas, health care news, home style and what I care about, BEAUTY PRODUCTS. There are coupons and daily samples across a ton of categories so for the thrifty among us, it's worth bookmarking. I'm not telling you why you'll want to pay attention to this magazine quite yet, but all I can say is stay tuned next week.

In the meantime, duke it out with other beauty mavens on Facebook to help identify the ultimate beauty essential. For sixteen days, All You Magazine, via Facebook, is pitting different beauty products against each other in a vicious battle to determine what category rules supreme.  Ok, there's no blood and it's more shiny, happy people than MMA. But trust me. Check it out, vote and make sure you visit Gouldylox Reviews next week for a very special All You announcement.

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