Summer Shortcuts To Looking Gorgeous

When asked to name the one thing I won't leave the house without, it's brow powder. Yet in the summer, on vacation, I just want to go. Or at least go to the common area and be presentable. Solution?

(My brows are defined, yet only tinted. Perfect for simple days. ps- my skin is still recovering from the methyl methacrylate exposure over two weeks ago!)

Get your brows tinted professionally. This is different than slathering hair color on your brows at home for a few reasons. One, you are not likely to blind yourself if a pro does it, which is always a plus. Two, that pro will use a barrier cream to make sure that only the hairs you want colored will get colored. This takes advantage of the baby fine hairs you can't see to help beef up your natural brows and ignores those you don't want to make up your arch. Plus, they won't sweat off or come off in a pool. I got mine tinted at La Papillon, where Madeleine hand-mixed the perfect color for me.

I love the idea of really fun summer hair. And while I really want ombre'd ends, I'm worried about the damage that might do to my delicate hair. I'm all for the pastel or bright ends, but hate the idea of chalking my hair. It's humid here. I sweat. And it rains, often randomly. I can't risk it. Especially not at work. They are used to me coming in with different hair every day, but coming in and smearing chalk on everything? That isn't going to work. So when I found these Clip-In Side Bangs from POP, I was sold. They also make longer strands for the ombre look. No damage, no bleach, no mess. Perfect.

What is your summer shortcut? Tell me in the comments!

Brow treatment added gratis to regular brow service. I bought the hair. May contain affiliate links. Also, why don't you comment on my posts in general? Do you just feel shy? Not want to register? Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. Hair chalking is the hype at the moment but don't wanna try it either. I guess am too old for that, lol

  2. How about feather extensions? :)


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