Spotlight on Skincare: Luzern Laboratories

Luzern Laboratories is a skin care line that focuses on Cosmeceutical Anti-Aging Actives, Bio-Swiss Certified ingredients and Preservative Free/Pure Processing. What does this actually mean? 

Cosmeceutical Anti-Aging Actives are high quality ingredients that go into a variety of skincare products. Many companies ensure that they use around 8-10% of high quality ingredients and round out the product by using fillers, polymers and other cheaper ingredients. Luzern Laboratories uses 80% Cosmeceutical Anti-Aging Actives, about ten times the average.* 

Preservative Free processing means that you are only getting the best of the ingredients. No parabens, petrochemicals, formaldehydes, synthetic preservatives, colors or fragrances are used when these products are processed. So you are left with a stronger product that delivers more anti-aging ingredients directly to your skin. All without any of the icky ingredients everyone is avoiding.

The harsh growing conditions in the Alps cause the extracts have very high levels of anti-oxidants and polyphenols, ingredients vital to anti-aging skin care. These extracts earn the label of "Bio-Swiss Certified" because they have passed a series of tests regarding cultivation and extraction in Switzerland and can be called organic.

The way I understand it,  many extracts can be organic but being "Bio-Swiss Certified" is the equivalent of winning a Grammy instead of a Billboard award. So the extracts that go into Luzern products have high levels of active ingredients and have passed intense tests to certify them as organic.

I got the chance to try a few of their products. Most notably are the Pure Cleansing Cream and the Absolute Serum Re-Hydrate.

Let's start with the Pure Cleansing Cream. This delicate cleanser is has a slightly lemon scent, which I adore almost more than anything. It is soothing, light and removes makeup well. Occasionally, depending on the mascara, I might need to use an oil-based cleanser. But for daily cleansing, this kept my skin breakout-free, soft and smooth.

Absolute Serum Re-Hydrate is a serum that is packed with hyaluronic acid, panthenol and lipids to help hydrate the skin and build up its natural barriers over time. Skin feels smooth, plump and dewy. And unlike other famous hyaluronic acid serums, this one actually contains a nice amount of the actual ingredient. Even if your skin is oily (which is not the same as being hydrated or dehydrated), this works to help balance the skin and restore missing hydration.

Overall, this line is not inexpensive. However, the ingredients appear to be of high quality and performed very well during my eight week test. If you are looking for high end skincare that works and is delicate enough for sensitive skin, this is one brand to consider!

*According to Luzern Laboratories 

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