Product Update: They Totally Changed The Polar Pillow!

Last year, I wrote about a very cold and very heavy Polar Pillow. I really liked it and, other than its sheer size, I didn't really have any complaints. It stays cold for about two hours and helps you fall asleep easily. I love it for when I have a headache, on warm nights and when I can't seem to get comfortable.

Then the creators of the Polar Pillow decided to change it entirely. It no longer has two "chambers". It is no longer fifteen pounds and it is no longer the same size as a regular pillow. It is, however, easier to re-cool in the middle of the night, slightly lighter and somewhat more supportive.

 (The blue Polar Pillow is the old one. The white one is the updated, smaller Polar Pillow.)

The new and improved Polar Pillow now tips the scales at 12 pounds, still not light, but not quite as husky as it was previously. In the past, the Polar Pillow really only had one side that was meant to be slept on. Now you can much more easily sleep on either side of the pillow and if you want it cooler in the middle of the night, you can squeeze it a bit (as you would fluff a regular pillow) and it cools slightly. The old pillow was part air beads and part gel. The new and improved pillow is all gel, with micro-air-beads infused throughout the gel.

(The new Polar Pillow is on top. The thickness is about the same.)

It's also quite a bit smaller than it was before. I like the smaller size better, as it's easier to maneuver in the middle of the night. In fact, I don't think they are any changes I wouldn't have made. It still feels like you are sleeping on a pillow-sized waterbed, but if you are ok with that, this will keep you cool until you fall asleep.

Check it out here for $99.

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