Obsessed: Napoleon Perdis Ultimate Contour Palette

Blush can be tricky. Finding just the right shades to contour, highlight and sculpt your cheeks can be annoying. For example, I'm always drawn to the peachy shades. I know. Shocking. But sometimes that isn't the right shade. And while I am in love with the idea of orange cheeks, some days, it doesn't look quite right.

However, it's almost impossible to have a bad cheek day with this Ultimate Contour Palette from Napoleon Perdis. It comes with the perfectly compatible highlight, cheek and contour color to give almost everyone naturally perfect supermodel cheeks.

The three colors are so silky and finely milled, they blend together with ease. Even over the stickiest of BB Cream bases.

The highlight color is so much more than a light color. It's almost opalescent in how it reflects light. I swear it somehow lifts your cheeks and makes them look as if they were designed by a Greek sculptor.

The main cheek color isn't peach and it isn't pink. It's kind of a perfect flush for almost everyone.


The contour is best on fair to medium skin tones, but could also be used as a bronzer in a pinch. Together, they are lovely! Each color reflects the light differently, depending on the angle of the light hitting your face. All of these pictures above were taken at the same time and the only thing that changed was the slight angle of the camera. This palette is practically alive with color.

Here is how it looked on me on a few different days.

These colors wear well, all day long, without much fading. When you apply the highlighter over the cheek color, it's just beautiful. Trust me. It's so, so pretty. This could be your daily go to product for cheeks. It's been mine for several days. Which for me is saying a lot.

(This swatch doesn't do the colors justice. You just have to check it out in person.)

Pick it up for yourself from Napoleon Perdis for $39.

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  1. As you should. That's why they put them there, obvs.

  2. What do you want it to do? Absorb oil? OR act as a foundation in powder form? Sephora actually makes a really nice pressed powder than came out about 6 months ago. It was one of the first products to be re-formulated. Josie Maran makes a great powder foundation that has a bit of Argan Oil, so it's not drying and looks very natural, but covers. Personally, I would rather blot oil that add powder to absorb it. CVS has generic blotting papers (as does Sehora). OR, and this might be a little weird, but in a pinch, you can use a toilet seat protector. They are basically the same thing. Swear.

  3. :) Can you recommend a good translucent powder? I feel like this summer is going to be extra oily for me.

  4. This is really pretty. I love palettes that have everything already arranged for you. I am absolutely horrible at choosing complementary colors.

    Boston Princess

  5. Indeed, I want it to absorb oil- not really act as a foundation, b/c I typically don't wear foundation, or I use a tinted moisturizer. I will totally pilfer the toilet seat covers @ work now, btw.

  6. Thanks, wormalita!

    Sent from my flattest computer.

  7. So pretty! Esp. in that 2nd pic, I feel like you look like someone on tv.... anyways, I'm trying to get into the whole sculpting/cheekbone thing, this looks like a great palette for that!


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