Must Have Monday: A Tool You Can't Live Without

The other day I was chatting with beauty aficionados Pink Sith and 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic about things we can't believe we would ever live without. Mind you, I don't mean anything actually important, like healthy food or clean drinking water. I'm certain we would pick healthy food and clean water over the $700 Sedu Prive Icon Hairdryer I covet. (It cranks out a 90+ mph wind to cut drying time to almost nothing. Although I fear you should wear goggles when using it, especially if you are a klutz like me. I need to at least try it, right?)

All of that pretext aside, here is what I can't live without today. From my friends at Tweezerman, may I present you with the best lash comb to ever walk the earth. (Assuming it had legs, that is.)

The Tweezerman Folding ILashComb is phenomenal for three reasons. Let's count them.

1. It's not for wimps. This comb cuts through messy mascara, separating linked lashes to give your eyes the perfect fringe. It's sharp, and will cut through clumps without splitting your lashes.

2. It folds down, keeping the sharp teeth protected from stabbing you when you pick it up. Which is what always happens to me when I pick my old one up.

3. It's affordable. At less than $10, it's one of the most sound investments you can make if you want to perfect your peepers!

Pick it up from Tweezerman or other beautiful sites for $9.50.

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  1. All of a sudden, I can't live without it either. Must get one!!!

  2. I've been using my Beauty Blender cleanser to dissolve the mascara. That seems to work really well for me!

  3. I totally agree. This is a must have, but not for the clumsy. The teeth on this comb are SHARP! The only issue I have is that it can be hard to clean without pulling the tines/teeth out.  But I still love it none the less.

  4. I definitely NEED this! Thank you so much for making us aware of this awesome little tool & how affordable it is :))

  5. I've got 3 of these and always have one in my makeup bag. They're lifesavers - but yes, dangerous!

  6. Oh I want I want!


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