Must Have Monday: Stila's Set & Illuminate Powder

Today's Must Have is a setting powder. I know. I rail against setting powders all the time. I hate the chalky, powdery finish so many of them leave. I prefer a dewy coverage that makes my skin look better - not like I'm wearing more makeup. I wear enough as it is.

When perusing new stuff at Sephora one evening, I spotted three new baked powder trios from Stila. One corrects skin color flaws with a combo of three colors. One is a gorgeous bronzer, a deep honey color with incredible shine. My favorite is the dewy Set & Illuminate Baked Powder Trio that adds a bit of radiance to the skin and helps foundation stay put. This powder also makes my blush stay on all day. Skin looks fresh, airbrushed and naturally beautiful. No cakey fine lines, just gorgeous skin.

This powder is made up of three illuminating shades in a slick black compact, which includes a fresh powder "shaver" to deliver the exact right amount in one half turn. I love powders that use shavers. It's mess-free and you can't spill it. I'm sure if you threw it you could crack it, so don't do that. (I shouldn't have to tell you that, but you never know.)

I have used other radiance-boosting setting powders in the past, specifically the BE Illuminating Veil. The BE offers a lot of shine and radiance. Too much for daytime use, if you ask me. This is much more delicate. You can barely see the radiance but it's there, like your skin is fresh and perfect, not like you are wearing something shiny. I can't actually get this to show up on my skin with my camera. It's just a tiny bit of radiance, without particles of shimmer or flecks of sparkle.

At my age, I'm not a fan of many setting powders (but I'm open to looking!). This one is one to check out! Pick it up from Stila or anywhere Stila is sold for $34.00.

I bought this with my debit card, which still doesn't always work. Especially at gas stations, which is annoying. Maybe one day, I'll remember to ask for a new one when I'm not writing disclosure information. This post contains affiliate links, so thank you for supporting the site!

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