Make Up For Ever: Aqua Shadow Must Have

I love Make Up For Ever's Aqua Cream Shadows in a pot. Who doesn't? They are creamy, long wearing and deliver a lot of color. Even better, and with less mess, they recently released a collection of Aqua Shadows in pencil form. All twelve colors are easy to apply and even easier to wear. Many of these shades are nudes, nudey-pinks or bronzes. Five of these are matte and the other seven are pearly. The one you need in your life above all others?  Matte Navy.

I don't know why I personally have a hard time finding a matte blue shade. (I also can't seem to find gorgeous blue in a liner that won't migrate and is easy to apply, so maybe it's just me.) But this matte navy is a must have. Not only is it truly matte, it doesn't budge and makes a smoky eye really, really easy.

I don't care what old-fashioned thinking trend reports say. Everyone can wear a blue shadow, and matte navy makes it easy. Just be sure to blend this out before it "dries down" and it's virtually fool-proof, no matter how klutzy you actually are.

Pick it up for $20 from Sephora or Make Up For Ever.

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