Love Hues Sandcastle Eyeshadow is Like Forest Animals Singing.

(Borrowed from Disney. I'll put it back once we are all finished reading. Promise.)

You know how, sometimes, the universe comes together, birds sing on your shoulder, everything looks shiny and new and you feel the warm glow of love all around you? Your skin is radiant, as if lit by a candle while your eyes twinkle with wonderment.


That doesn't happen to me too often either. But if it did, and if I could bottle that twinkling euphoria and make it an eye shadow, it would be Sandcastle from Love Hues. The color is a beautiful tone that seems to shift shades from a sandy taupe to a beige beach, making your eyes sparkle no matter what other colors you wear.

Love Hues is an indie mineral makeup line that sells a range of lovely colors from duo-chromes to pearls. And they love their taupes. If you are a taupe fiend, you will want to click here to shop right now. These colors are custom blended, are not repackaged from wholesalers. (I asked. More than once.)

Some of the shades are bright hues, shimmery in texture. Most of the colors are high shine and muted. My beloved Sandcastle wears all day (with a primer) with no fall out, fading or creasing. Every time I wear it, I get compliments on how bright-eyed and radiant I look. Who doesn't want that? It looks especially foxy if you pair it with a winged liner and sassy gloss. It's naturally edgy and totally pretty.

(This color is a bit of a gorgeous chameleon. Swatched above, it's like the color of warm sand.
With the blue eyeliner, it takes on a cooler tone. Both are really pretty, simple and easy to wear.)

The best part? The shadows are $6 a pop. If you want to shy away from the loud, electro-flash of color choices that many indie lines offer, this is a great line to consider.

Sent for review. (And I purchased more.)

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  1. GAH! Indeed!!! Color blocked - hahah! A C-block is a C-block anyway you look at it!

  2. GAH!! I was in the middle of gleefully filling my cart when ETSY punk'd me:Etsy is getting a tune-up.
    We're sorry for the inconvenience, but fear not — we'll be back up shortly for your shopkeeping and shopping pleasure. Keep up to date with our progress by following @EtsyStatus on Twitter.Tune up my foot.... I've been "color blocked"!! (My BF snickered & sighed in relief at the same time, LOL. He figured out that when I say, "but its INDIE...its so much cheaper than hauling at Sephora/Dept Store"......that its really just an excuse to buy way more than I planned on.)

  3. I would look again! I bought it as a full size!!

  4. Unfortunately, I just went to the Love Hues store and Sandcastle is only offered in a sample size.... :(   


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