L'Oreal's Magic BB Cream Is a Swing & A Miss (For Me).

Based on my habitual study of products on the shelves at my local CVS stores (all four which, mind you, carry different items), it would appear that L'Oreal has recently launched two BB Creams. One carries a lower price tag and falls under the Magic line. The other is around $16.99 and falls under the Youth Code line. I've only tested the Magic B.B. Cream, which promises a "flawless, bare skin finish".

(Clearly, my CVS is proud to carry this and wanted you to know it.)

Magic Skin Beautifying B.B. Cream is available in four shades, which are Fair, Light, Medium and Deep. What gives this product its B.B. is not what makes up a traditional or true BB Cream. While it does contain small bits of Vitamins C and E plus some antioxidants, they aren't high on the list of ingredients. So this doesn't really fall into the Beauty Balm arena, as the skin care in this isn't really going to care for your skin. Nor does it have anything to help reduce blemishes, so it would seem that someone just wanted to call it a BB Cream for fun. In fact, L'Oreal seems to be totally aware of this. On the back of the package, they say the B.B. stands for Beautifying Beads. Huh. So in no way is this a traditional BB Cream.


This product does contain Methyl Methacrylate, which set my face on fire two weeks ago, courtesy of a BB Cream from South Korea. Oddly, the MM in this product is much further down the list and doesn't seem to bother me. I can't explain it, but so far, so good.*

The Beautifying Beads are the same type of beads the react to your pH (I presume) and become the same color as your skin. Almay has had a foundation similar to this and others continue to crop up. While I'm not traditionally a fan of this type of foundation, I must say that it looks fairly gorgeous on the skin. It looks like the South Korean BB Cream I loved that set my face aflame, probably because it is full of plastic, silicone and parabens.

(The stages of application.)

So if you want a pretty finish that looks like you aren't wearing much makeup but have been airbrushed and have perfect skin, this might be just right for you. If you have sensitive skin, I would be wary. I have yet to try the Youth Code version, but only because I am not made of money to test everything I want. When the right coupon presents itself, I'm certain I'll take it for a test drive and get back to you.

In the meantime, will you try this or pass?

* Yeah, scratch that. On day three, it set my face on fire, which is exactly what happened last time. When will I learn to read the labels? FYI, out of all of the BB Creams at Sephora with ingredients listed, NONE of them contain MM.

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  1. Josie maran powder? Dan read foundation? The new Estee?

  2. I'm glad for this review so I don't piss away any more money looking for a summer 'cure'. Any suggestions for me? I have oily skin and in the humidity I feel like a clumpy, greasy mess with some lovely dry skin mixed in. I have used MAC Studio fix which I love in the winter, Tarte clay foundation worked great all spring and I've used Bare Essentuals to kind of smooth everything out. Medium coverage needed.

  3. I've tried Smashbox, Boscia, and both Jart BBs now and I think I like the Boscia the best.  I'm pretty fair and it does look a little darker than my pale Smashbox but I keep finding myself going back to it.  

  4. Holicka Holicka is the brand that set my face on fire last week!!

  5. I'm skeptical of just about every single American 'bb cream' on the market. The only bb cream that looks good on my ultra pale skin is the Holika Holika Light Beige.

  6. By second try, you mean "I blindly slathered my face with known fire, right?" I didn't do it on purpose. And I clearly don't listen to my own advice. :-) I think the Derm approved stamp means that a derm approved he would accept the payment, not that it is safe to be used on all of their patients....

  7. Brave of you to give Methyl Methacrylate a second try!  I wonder what the "dermatologist tested" designation really means these days.

  8. Dr. Jart+ works well for me. I also got the foundation additive, Zero Minus, from Face Atelier and have to add that to almost everything. Very few foundations get my tone correct.

  9. As a fair skinned lady I feel like BB creams never get "fair" right. Somehow they think fair = orange. Also all the added parabens etc.. totally turn me off of a product. My skin is way to sensitive for that added garbage.


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