The Waves You Want: Top Tools To Get The Look

Looking for the easiest way to get perfectly beachy hair? New tech makes it easy for even the biggest klutz. Here are my top three favorite wands for perfect summer hair.

I've been raving about the Sarah Potempa Beachwaver to anyone who will listen for months. If you want medium-size relaxed waves or curls, this is a great choice.

The Beachwaver is different because it rotates on its own. You select which direction you want the iron to rotate and it does the work.


You can't really burn your fingers and the rotating iron makes sure you use the right amount of tension. I have a lot of thick hair and I can do my entire head in less than 15 minutes. Then my waves tend to last for several days.

The Revlon Jumbo Triple Barrel Waver gives you a very relaxed "S" wave. Your hair will need to be shoulder-length or longer in order for this to work, as the barrel is about six inches wide. You simply comb hair smooth and insert medium to thin sections of hair between the plate and the rods. Both of these heat up, so be sure to use a heat mat when using this iron.

The larger section of hair you use, the looser the wave. This iron does not have a controllable temperature, so be sure to use a heat spray and make sure you aren't abusing your hair. On me, this is very close to a "bent" wave. Since this is a looser wave, mine don't fare well overnight. It takes me about twenty-five minutes to do my entire head.

Finally, the new Goody Wave Creator offers up a little bit of everything. This reasonably priced iron has an oddly shaped wavy barrel that eliminates uniform waves. It has a baby clamp at the bottom of the iron so you can leave out the ends for a very beachy look.

It gives you a tighter, smaller wave, straight from the iron. If you want looser waves, try gently combing them out with a pick while they are still warm. I like a curlier look, so I tend to let the curl cure and avoid separating it with my fingers until it's cool.  Because these waves are generally tighter in my hair, the curl lasts for several days. It takes me about twenty minutes to curl my entire head.

I don't like the feeling of a lot of product in my hair, so when I'm finished styling, I've been using Suave's Touchable Finish Hairspray. It holds the look without making my hair feel dirty, dry or rigid.

What is your favorite way to get beachy waves? If you have any salt-free ideas, let me know!

I purchased everything but the Beachwaver.

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  1. I use the goody wave creator. It's cheaper than the Nume Pearl and give the same results!

    Boston Princess  

  2. Suave's Touchable Hairspray is fantastic!  For a while I used Phytology's hairsprays, which feel great, but the price tag is steep. $19 for a small bottle! It took several years to find a good replacement and this is it!  I can just put a curl spray in my damp hair let it air dry for 30 mins and set my curls with this hairspray and it feels and looks natural.  LOVE IT!


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