Current Crafty Obsession: Bobby Pins

There is finally an inexpensive trend everyone can jump on, one that is functional, adorable and classic. And now that I'm obsessed with them, I've been researching them to see what's available and what you can easily make yourself.

Bobby pins are showing up all over the place, but not always to hold your hair in place. This summer, bobbys, especially super-simple DIY ones, are fun to make, fun to wear and a great way to show your personality. And they work on any hair length!

Let's start easy. Take three or more bobbys in a fun color or size and add them as decoration. Pick up colored bobbys from Etsy or even Target. They are available in a full spectrum of colors and sizes for different styles! Even Marc Jacobs has created signature bobbys. I love these!

Etsy is a great source of inspiration. Either buy these ready to wear pins or get the supplies to make your own. Either way, the possibilities are endless.

I bought the pins and used my Gram's antique button collection to make some whimsical, retro pins. Or you can design your own, like at my favorite store on Etsy, and make your own gorgeous baubles!

I have found that my glue gun wasn't quite doing its job, but Dazzle-Tac seems to be pretty perfect for adhering plastics to metal.

How are you wearing bobby pins? Tell me all about it!

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  1. This is beautiful! Yay to DIY! I made earrings from vintage buttons recently too.xo


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