Beauty Shorts: A Stain I Can Live With, a Waterlogged Fail and a Gorgeous Nuance

It's Beauty Short time! Once again, I have so many things you should know about, and not enough hours in the day. Here are three things I've been playing with that you need to either pick up or to avoid like the face-eaters.

Salma Hayek's Nuance line boasts some fantastic products. I'm still wearing her Smooth and Firm Face Protector (SPF) almost daily. Turns out, her Color Vibrance Lipsticks are pretty fantastic as well. I hadn't tried them previously, because I wasn't sure any of the colors appealed to me (they don't really have any true peaches.  Have you seen the Coral color? It's way pink.). I went out on a limb and decided to try the Color Vibrance Lipstick in Wine and in Shimmering Nude. I'm. In. Love.

(Shimmering Nude and Wine)

These colors are soft, silky and pigmented, yet sheer. Wine is essentially a Black Honey-type of color. Nude is a shimmery champagne color that would look amazing with a tan or if you are just running errands. Coupled with the coupons you can score as part of the CVS Beauty Club, this is a serious win.

You may have seen Goody's new Quik Style Paddle brush in all of the magazines. This is a standard paddle brush, but in between each plastic bristle is a super absorbent microfiber bristle that claims to help speed drying time.   I'll be the first to say that I have enough hair for two heads and then some. So maybe my trial isn't playing fair. I found that the brush got waterlogged almost instantly and stopped sopping up my wet hair. Here is how I tested it. I used a towel to remove the majority of the water. Then about 15 minutes after my shower, I used the Quik Style Paddle Brush. After three or four passes in my hair, the bristles hung limply in defeat and the brush was no longer able to wick away the water. Perhaps if you have thin or short hair, or if you use this on a child, you might have more successful results. On my thick mane however, the brush surrendered almost immediately. I will say that thanks to venting on the side of the brush, it dried with no smell. So that's a plus. But not enough for me to recommend it to you.

Finally, I found a lip stain that I don't hate. Long time readers may remember that I never really love any of them, with the exception of those made by Tarte. They all dry my lips out, leaving me looking like I was drinking Kool-Aid like a goldfish.

(Wearing Rendezvous)

The new Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain by Revlon means that Revlon finally got the lip stain right. These stains are also similar to the LipSurgence Natural Lip Stain by Tarte, but less expensive. In fact, even the taste/scent is exactly the same. If I didn't know better, I'd say they came off of the same assembly line. I tried Rendezvous, a tangerine color that was bright, long-wearing and hydrating. It gave my lips a full, shiny pout that lasted for at least two hours. Finally, a stain I can live with. 

Some products sent for review. I purchased the Revlon Lip Stain, the Nuance in Nude and the Goody Brush. This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Great post, I haven't tried SH lipsticks yet, I may do so now :)

  2. You saved me some bucks and disappointment on the brush. Thanks!!! Ohhh, I love the Balm Stains. 

  3. i love this whole post! i'm obsessed with the revlon balm stains, having a similar experience with the goody brush and MUST try those nuance lips. i so enjoy a good drugstore find!

  4. I adore those Selma Hayek lipsticks. They are just so rich and pigmented.

  5. That color looks terrific on you! What color is it? It really flatters your skin tone, which is very much like mine. Thanks!

  6. I'm wearing Revlon's Rendezvous today - I like it as well!   I like Tarte's Lipsurgence as well, but their price is a bit much.  Happy about a less expensive alternative!


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