Must Have Monday: Smashbox Shades of Fame Palette

I'm beginning a new feature called Must Have Mondays. Partially because it sounds important and partially because I love a lot of products. I do. I'm obsessed with finding new things and new, shiny objects always make me forget what I was hopelessly in love with less than twenty-four hours before.  But every now and then, a product actually holds my interest for more than a few hours, or even sometimes, for more than a few days. When that happens, I needed a way to tell you that I believe this product to be the DEFCON 1* of things you need to buy now or your life will be incomplete.

So my first MHM is the Shades of Fame Palette from Smashbox. This palette came out a few weeks ago and I still love it. It comes with nine shadows, a liner, a gold cream shadow and a double-ended brush. You can do lovely nude looks, rock the orange with Sherbert or create a beautiful ocean blue eye with Pacific. You'll even get a sample of an eye primer to make sure they last all day.

There are a lot of gorgeous palettes to chose from right now. This is my favorite. And it has been my favorite for at least three weeks. That is saying something serious.

It's almost a new record. I'm not saying I've worn it every day for three weeks, but nothing has impressed me more as a collection than this, for three weeks.

 Bliss (almost not visible), Honey, Sandstorm, Nude, Sherbert, Safari, Pacific, Praline, Mocha, Gold, Bronze

Score one for yourself for $48 before this limited edition palette is gone.

*I know DEFCON may have been replaced in people's minds by THREATCON or FPCON or whatever Homeland Security CON, like a stoplight with too many colors. I'm not sure. It doesn't really matter. You just need to know that if I raise a product's importance to a DEFCON 1, you need it or else. Thanks to AFGMike for making sure I understood military jargon for use in a makeup blog.

I bought this. With the debt card that still doesn't fracking work unless you rub it on a plastic bag. Why is that?

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  1. Ah so pretty - never even heard of it before now - how is this possible????

  2. This is such a great palette. I saw this at Ulta and Sephora over the weekend but I just couldn't make myself buy it. Now I wish I had =(


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