Must Have Monday: Almost Memorial Day Edition!

It's almost Memorial Day, and that means fun, sun and the beginning of summer. Because I'm basically allergic to heat*, I've had on my AC for about a month. But at some point, Loxy and I will go outside and when that happens I will need to be prepared for my red hair to remain red and my pale skin to stay pale. I will want to look gorgeous and not offset any of my laser treatments or the progress I've made on getting rid of my sun damage. Oh yeah, and I want my skin to stay pretty, hydrated and as far from alligator-y as possible.

So here are my ideas for things you need now to protect yourself for the upcoming season. Or at least of few of my favorites I've found so far.

You are going to need a great SPF (everyday, all year) but many people only really pay attention and heed my SPF cries during the summer. So here goes: what I need for an SPF to make my suggestion list of love. I hate ones that go white on the skin. I hate the ones that don't get absorbed the skin. I hate the ones that make foundation ball up on the skin. I hate the ones that smell like chemicals. I hate ones with less than an SPF of 30.

So now that you know what I hate, know that Sublime Sun from L'OREAL  is the total opposite of all that. It's not greasy, it's offers a broad spectrum SPF of 50. It's light, it barely smells and it melts into your skin. And it's not expensive. Since it's sold at drugstores, use the power of couponing and stackable discounts to score what acts like a high end product for just quarters on the dollar. The Clear Mist version of the body SPF goes on without rubbing and doesn't leave skin feeling sticky or like you are wearing an SPF.

Aveeno Hydrosport continues to be my favorite body SPF for the beach, the pool or outdoor running around. It repels water and applies easily when your skin is wet. It isn't greasy and stays on if you get wet or sweat. Just apply it thirty minutes before heading outside and you'll be set. Be sure to reapply depending on how long you are outside to be covered from both UVA and UVB rays.

If you are on the beach, on your deck or taking a walk, you are going to need to protect yourself from the damaging rays of the sun. If your concern is maintaining your pale skin or preventing sun damage, lengthy stays in the sun are best handled with a good sunscreen and a little more protection. SPF can be built into clothing, which offers longer lasting protection than most sunscreens. That protection and doesn't ever need to be re-applied or wash off if you get wet. Scala always has hats that travel well and look great. They provide real SPF coverage you can bet your pale punim on. Right now, you can save 20% on the Tres Jolie style with checkout code SunHatSave20.

Paul Mitchell Sun contains three essential items: Sun Recovery Hydrating Shampoo, After Sun Restorative Masque and Sun Shield Conditioning Spray, which work together to keep your hair in amazing form, even if you can't hang ten. They are formulated without a single paraben or harsh SLS, and without animal testing. Paul Mitchell's SolarVeil Complex protects hair from the hair color-fading rays associated with the UVB part of the spectrum. Paul Mitchell Sun also contains sunflower seed extract to keep hair soft and frizz-free. The Restorative Masque, an ultra-thick cream that nourishes hair from root to tip, removes impurities picked up in pools, ponds and oceans, leaving hair soft. I love throwing the Treatment Spray in my purse to add a bit of shine and conditioning to my hair whenever I'm outside longer than I usually care to be. It leaves hair smelling slightly beachy and slightly citrus-y. It's a sexy scent without trying. If you pay a lot of money to maintain your hair, don't let the summer months stand in your way of having fun and having fabulous looking hair!

After you've been in the ocean, pool or shower, your hair is at it' most delicate. Any time your strands are soaked they are more likely to rip, split or fray (can hair fray? It seems like mine does). You need a gentle brush to handle your hair with kid gloves. The Wet Brush does just that. For realsies. And because you may not always agree with me, I've asked others to weigh in on their experience with the Wet Brush. But first, let's talk about why it's great.

The Wet Brush's soft, bendable bristles work their way through hair carefully. There is no tearing. No shredding. No snapped pieces. If you are anything like Loxy and you get skeeved out by the thought of sharing a brush (I don't get it, but I think sharks can get in the bathtub, so whatever), these are color coded so everyone in the family can have one. Anyway, here is what others had to say after trying the Wet Brush.

I gave one to JLouis, who has wavy, thick hair. She said, "My hair holds a curl better when I use this on dry hair and I don't see as much breakage when I use it with wet hair."

I gave one to my five year old niece-ter**, ViviLox, who said without prompting, "it's not pully or hurty... And sometimes, you have to brush it really good after bath time and this is the best brush for those times. And it's pink, for princesses.This would be good for Tangled."

They are great for the beach, the bathroom and your bags. Oh! They are amazing for faux hair as well. Snag one (or two) at $14.99 each.

I don't like myself in a bathing suit and I don't like being seen in one. That said, Old Navy has some adorable ones in plus sizes that look retro, which is right up my alley. You can adjust the ruching to cover the tops of your thighs, 1950s-style. Or pull it up a bit to take the focus away from a not-flat tummy. Plus, if you look for a coupon code, you can probably save a few bucks!

After a day of sun, or just to make your skin super soft, touchable and hydrated all day long, check out Vaseline's New Total Moisture Lotion with Stratys-3. It works hard to keep skin hydrated and feeling fantastic. I have scaly spots on my legs and this helps my skin return to pretty, soft, touchable skin. It's best on wet skin, but it does absorb quite well into dry skin. It's a bargain and so, so worth it. Seriously, as I type, I applied this last night and my parched skin on my legs still feels fantastic.

Finally, if you love heels but hate wearing them after work, check out these fantastic Sandal Flats to Go from Kushyfoot. They fold up into a tiny little package and are easy to clean and actually comfortable. They're great to keep in your purse for warm nights when you can't wait to take off your heels or for those lunches when you are really skipping out to freshen up your pedicure. For $10 each, you should pick up a few pairs to to stow in your car, your desk and your purse.

P.S.: Memorial Day weekend marks my third year of Gouldylox blogging. I love beauty gadgets, so to celebrate I'll have a great giveaway. Win and you could get white teeth without using chemicals (no, it's not that light brite that goes in your mouth). So pay attention before you go on vacation!

I bought the bathing suit, but everything else was sent for review.

* did I tell you about the time last SEPTEMBER when I visited Texas and I spent a morning laying down on a public restroom floor in Texas, throwing up from heat exhaustion? From a walk with newborns? I mean, the babies weren't walking, but it wasn't like a hike or anything. It was just outside in 85 degree weather. I was hallucinating, vom-ing and I wasn't sure of my name or where I was. I just knew the floor was cold and when you laid on it with your cheek, the bathroom door didn't spin. See? Obviously, I'm allergic to heat. 

** long story. But families only mean what we make them mean--and I love my niece-ter like nobody's beeswax!

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  1. I had a heat exhaustion too years ago and it's not funny!!
    I will sure get me a pair of those shoes!! Got some foldabler ballerinas from H&M i used to have in my purse when i went to a club :)


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