Make Up For Ever Pastel Perfect Looks

Love the bright color trend, but not sure how to pull it off? Make Up For Ever has come to the rescue with a passel of pastel eye shadows you won't want to pass up!

Sometimes wearing a strong color can seem intimidating, but when applied correctly it doesn't have to be. Wearing colors beyond browns and nudes are a great way to switch up your look, and these are perfect for everyone. They are fresh, free-spirited and scream spring and summer.  So buy your colors and experiment, then fall in love with the ease of pastels!

Chartreuse Sheen, Lilac Matte, and Vibrant Light Blue are three of the six shades for you to consider. These are strong colors and a great option if you want to ignore this upcoming summer's neon agenda.

Cotton Candy, Lemon Shimmer and Apricot Orange Sheen are incredibly easy to wear. I mixed all three together to create this simple look.

I applied Lemon Shimmer below the brow and along the lash line to give the lighter colors a bit more pop. I applied Cotton Candy along my lash line and blended Apricot Orange Sheen throughout my crease, slightly higher than I normally might. I added a liquid liner and two coats of MUFE's Smoky Lash.

These colors are perfect for highlighting my blue eyes and red hair. However, if that much color isn't for you, pro MUA for Make Up Forever Jen Evans suggests applying your shadow in a way you may not have considered.

Easy and beautiful, right? How can you not love these colors?

These are available exclusively at Sephora. Pick up your favorites for $20 each.

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  2. Wauw, you are SO pretty! Pretty applecheeks, cute smile, big eyes - are they gray? bluegray? Nevertheless they are so pretty!

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  4. These colors are so cute!!


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