Look Ma! I'm Half Naked In Times Square! Dove Visiblecare Softening Creme Body Wash

I love anything that makes my dry skin feel comfortable, hydrated and smooth. There is nothing worse than being literally uncomfortable in your own skin. That sensation is exactly what Dove Visiblecare Softening Creme Body Wash prevents. Dove's Body Washes contain NutriumMoisture Technology, which allows ingredients to actually be absorbed into the skin, not just coat the top layer. Ingredients like soybean oil, glycerine and stearic acid help keep the skin moisturized in ways a plain old gel body wash cannot. It's like a cleansing conditioner for your body. In fact, that is exactly what it's like, taking a shower with a hydrating lotion instead of a traditional soap. It leaves skin feeling fantastic!

Because I love what it does for my skin, I recently participated in their on-going campaign to have real women of all shapes and sizes show off their skin in Times Square. Alright, technically I took a photo in my studio and submitted it. I didn't actually get nekkid in front of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., but seeing yourself a gazillion feet tall in Times Square is pretty cool. You can do it too, just follow the directions and submit your photo. If you meet the requirements, they will send you a snapshot of yourself in Times Square. Pretty cool, right?

I bought one and was sent one. Technically, I've bought loads of them. It's what I usually use. The Dove Cream Oil is the perfect moisturizer to use after you shower, by the way. It's fantastic. I bought that as well.

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  1. That's so flipping awesome! How fun and a great picture of you.

  2. Steph- this is no pro picture! It's a photo of me in a towel in my spare bedroom / photo studio. I took the photo myself!

  3. I'm waiting on mine :) You look fab! Wish I had a pro picture to submit!

  4. Your hair looks fab in that picture, too :)


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