The Intraceuticals Facial Is The Facial You Want.

Or I should say, it's the facial you want if you are attending any of the following events:

Job Interview
Family Holiday
First Date
Regular Date
Revenge Date

A series of these facials is what you want if you want to look amazing all of the time without a real procedure that has downtime. Madonna swears by them. But what is it?

(I would definitely get one of these facials if I were about to get married. This was Loxy and I many moons ago. I don't think this technology existed when I got married or I would have been on the Intraceuticals band wagon!)

An Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Facial is a special type of treatment that makes your face look instantly younger, fresher, more radiant, plump and lifted. Is it going to make you look twenty years younger with fish lips? Absolutely not. Is it going to make you look like the best possible you at the moment? Probably.

So let's start with what the entire line of facials offers and then we'll discuss what I did at About Faces Day Spa and Salon.

Intraceuticals uses Hyperbaric Oxygen Technology to infuse smaller molecules of beneficial vitamins, acids and proteins into the layers of the skin, much deeper than topical products can reach. Depending on the type of facial your skin needs, you can address a multitude of sins. 

There are several types of Intraceuticals Facials although currently, only one is available at About Faces Day Spa, where I had my treatment. The Rejuvenate Facial helps to hydrate, lift and tighten. The Opulence Facial brightens and balances the skin. The Atoxelene Facial smooths and prevents future wrinkles. The Clarity Facial helps clear and refine acne-prone skin.

I underwent a Rejuvenate Facial at the About Faces Canton Location to help hydrate my parched skin, tighten my jaw line and plump my fine lines and wrinkles. I'll warn you in advance, you are going to be subjected to super close ups of my  face, so prepare yourself. Hopefully, we'll still be friends afterwards.

Here is what to expect if you opt for this facial.  Your esthetician will cleanse your skin thoroughly and then lightly mist it with the serum. The Rejuvenate cocktail includes hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamins A, C and E. Then pressurized oxygen is used to push the low-molecular (smaller) molecules deeply into the skin. They do small sections of your skin at a time, making sure to cover all areas of the face and jawline. They stopped half way through to show me the results. Of course, I ran (quietly) through the spa to get my camera, so I could share it with you. Finally, they finished by applying the Atoxelene serum to my skin, to further stop fine lines in their tracks.

The left side has been treated and the right has not. If my face were naturally more symmetrical, this would be easier to show you. I'm laying down in both photos, which is why I don't have a neck. My left lip is much fuller and my left brow is arched higher. My right brow is slightly flatter.

The whole thing takes about 50 minutes, give or take. It can be applied very close to the eye, over the brow bone and over the lips, where many treatments cannot be used, to give a plumping and lifted effect. The end result is smooth, full, plump skin. My lips were slightly fuller, my brows slightly raised and my jawline slightly tighter.

(This is after both sides. My jaw is tighter, although still hard to see because I am neckless when I lay down.
Both brows are lifted and my lips are now even again.)

The downside is that it only lasts for a few days. But if you use their line of products and get these facials regularly, the results will last much, much longer. The entire system hinges on hydration and infusing the skin with hydrating ingredients. So if you use the products that help layer hydration and pause your wrinkles, you'll get better results. My results were obvious for about three days and I really noticed a difference in my lips and cheeks.

If you have a special event coming up, this is definitely a treat. The results are real without being drastic. Visit About Faces Day Spa and Salon for more information. To find a salon outside of Maryland, visit here.

Service provided for review consideration. Apologies for the terribly close up photos of my face. But I feel like we are closer now, don't you?

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  2. Thanks for the share! Gorgeous wedding picture :)

  3. I am so glad you like it. The changes are really pretty cool!


  4. Girl, I LOVE THIS and have since it first launched in US. The changes within the skin are REAL and LASTING! Congrats on receiving, I am so jealous right now!!! Big Hugs my beauty sister!

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