I'm Really Excited About Something I Made....

You may have noticed I've been kind of absent on Twitter or Facebook lately. It's because I've been working constantly on a project at my real job. And since we're friends, I thought I would share it with you, as I've been secretly referencing it for weeks.

For those of you that don't know, I produce TV ads for a living, when I'm not running Karma Dogs or blogging.  Usually, it's health care-related or something equally sexy. I don't usually get a chance to work with visual effects people or do super glam makeup.

But on this project, I got the chance to work with some fantastic people who work on stuff like The Hunger Games and Cabin in the Woods, with a J-Lo backup dancer and with four really well-trained seagulls*. It was a lot of fun (when I wasn't secretly throwing up).

So check it out. If you like it, feel free to share. (Seriously. Please share it.) It was a lot of fun to work on!

* I might be fibbing about the seagulls being well trained.

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  1. Awesome!  Like my friend on twitter said after i posted it - it should have ended with them bum rushing the dude for his chips! HAHA

  2. From one producer to another, I dread outdoor shoots.  Kudos on a fun, breezy spot.

  3. You are terrific. This is so great. My dad was in advertising and so was my brother so we watched commercials more than TV shows. My dad would have loved this!

  4. Hilarious. I like their version better than the original. ;P

  5. Eleventy-billion dollars!! :-)*

    *also fibbing.

  6. Awesome!  Was it expensive to get the rights to that song?

  7. That is awesome!!  How much did the rights to that song cost?

  8. Very fun commercial. :D 


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