Gouldylox Reviews: The Scratch and Sniff Edition

I wish I had scratch and sniff technology on a screen. That would be fantastic. It would be especially wondrous since the infection that settled in my sinuses in 2004 is still hanging out, leaving my sense of smell less refined than it was. Back in the day, circa 1995, I was actually known for always having my nose on the pulse of seasonal fragrance launches. No kidding, the owner of the first ad agency I worked with was overheard saying, "the girl that always smells different every day is leaving? But the client loved her!"

So I could moan about my uncooperative sinuses, or I can just tell you what I like, in the hopes it will open your nose to new fragrances.

(Is it intentionally shaped that way or am I over thinking it?
Either way, I like the idea of a soft, but tough perfume - and the spy who would wear it.)

First up is my new favorite badass fragrance, Agent Provocateur's L'Agent Eau Provocateur . If Mrs. Smith wore a fragrance it would be this. It evokes a sexy, tough, feminine scent that isn't too heavy to wear during warmer months. It smells luxe without being overpowering or stodgy. And the bottle is shaped like a grenade. There is no cap, instead you pull a pin and the bottle is now "open". Told you. Bad. Ass. (Possibly not their intention, but totally my interpretation.)

Officially, I'm told that the seductive and sensual twist that gives L’Agent its unmistakable aura simmers under the surface of this fresh floral fragrance. Subtle citrus accords of Bergamot, Leaf Accord (fresh cut green leaves), Mandarin, Apple, Melon and Peach are the opening salvo which gives way to a seductive heart full of Rose, Jasmin, Tuberose, Magnolia, Freesia and Ylang. The base is delicately caressed with the finest ingredients including Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Amber Crystals. But to me, it's a real-deal super spy bunch of badass, with a hint of freesia, my favorite scent. Pick it up for yourself here for $70.

If you are more boho than bad ass, you'll want to check out Tru Fragrance's new summer launch, HipNotes Mandarin. This scent is easy to wear and refreshing to smell. The scent lasts for a decent amount of time, just shy of a full work day. Mandarin smells exactly as its name might imply. Sweet, citrus and light, it's the scent to go to for breezy summer afternoons.

If you want to carry your fragrance with you, look no further than the new Travalo Touch. I'm a huge fan of the original. It allowed you to carry your fragrance with you no matter where you went, including on a plane. The new Travalo has everything you loved about the original, but delivers your signature scent via rollerball. No matter which you prefer, Travalo is the easiest way to carry your fragrance with you, and you will never risk the TSA trashing your beloved scent. This Travalo Touch is filled the same way, allowing you to make almost any scent totally portable! Pick one up for each of your sensational scents starting June 1st!

What is your favorite summer scent? Tell me in the comments!

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