Dior Summer Mix Collection Captures the Season Perfectly

Despite discovering that I detest the heat more than usual this season, I'm still excited for all of the bright colors and fun I'm hoping this summer will bring. And nothing is celebrating color more than this mix of chic summer colors from Dior.

  (Acapulco, Calypso, Cosmo, Lagoon)

Each one of the four glosses and four polishes in the Summer Mix Collection embody the seasonal brights, without overstepping the bounds into colors you will regret in pictures a few years from now. The polishes are everything you expect from Dior Vernis, while the glosses offer up a sheer jelly of color.

(On Sunrise, Orange Pareo, Rose Bikini, Rouge Croisiere)

While I'm especially drawn to the Dior Ultra Gloss in Orange Pareo and On Sunrise, the Rouge Croisiere and Rose Bikini are lovely colors that aren't too dark.

Both the Rouge and the Rose are lovely for afternoons in a garden or for a stroll on a boardwalk. Preferably under a large hat with a sexy beach wrap.

(top: Rouge Croisiere, bottom: Rose Bikini)

All of these colors hit shelves on June 1, 2012. Which are your favorites?

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