DermaMed Daily Eclipse Duo Packs a One-Two Punch Against Sun Damage

May is National Skin Care Awareness Month which, for me, means I get to learn all about new advances in sunscreen, as well as the newest products on the market. Clearly, skin cancer prevention should be at the forefront of your skin care ritual, if only because you don't want to look like a cheap wallet in your 50s.

I'm not one to run screaming about ingredients until it's proven there is an issue (I tend to agree with Beauty Brains on these things. If that isn't a site you are familiar with, check them out!)  Some people are concerned with chemical ingredients we use to protect ourselves from UVA and UVB exposure. The main ingredient people are concerned with is Oxybenzone, which is commonly used in SPF products. The concern is that it actually may help to increase the chance of skin cancer. But the jury is still out. That said, if you are concerned about it, then you have alternatives.

One I have found is Daily Eclipse Duo by DermaMed, which contains an SPF of 30 and a mineral makeup. The SPF gets its 30 protection factor from titanium dioxide and zinc, which are often what leaves skin looking "white" in some sunscreens. This cream however, once applied, has a slight brightening effect but does not leave the skin looking white. (Yes, there is a difference.) It also gains protection from mineral foundation itself.

The great thing about the Daily Eclipse SPF is that when applied under a mineral makeup, it gives the mineral makeup something to hold on to. This stuff has gripping power! It's not tacky and doesn't feel odd if you wear it alone or with a liquid, but it manages to hold on to mineral makeup way better than most primers.

The mineral foundation itself is a satin-y finish, thanks to the bismuth oxychloride. On me, it wears really well over the Eclipse SPF and stays put for an eight-hour work day. My skin looks fresh and radiant and I'm protected from both UVA and UVB rays. The combo is a win/win, especially if you don't like to always think about making sure your skin is protected, or on days when you just want to make sure your skin looks lovely very quickly. It even comes with a brush to apply the mineral foundation, although it's a smaller brush, almost like a contour blush brush than a traditional kabuki.

If you have sensitive skin or have heat sensitivities to bismuth oxychloride, you can use this SPF with great success along with any other foundation. You'll get the same kind of priming effects and an SPF protection without any oxybenzone.

This duo is available in three shades -- light, medium and dark -- for $48. You can purchase it by calling 610-358-4447 or emailing

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