BIOLAGE Colorcaretherapie Shine Shake Spray: Protect Your Hair

Ever wonder why flowers can maintain their amazing color outside in sunlight, but your hair color fades out in one weekend at the beach? Me neither, but now that it has been brought up, I do kind of wonder what flowers have that I don't.

Apparently, BIOLAGE thinks about this kind of thing quite a bit. They came up with the Colorcaretherapie line that utilizes the same UV-filtering flavonoids that orchids use to keep their gorgeous blooms gorgeous. Who knew?

I've been using BIOLAGE's Shine Shake Spray, which is part of the Colorcaretherapie line, to help boost shine and protect the tone, depth and overall color of my hair. Shine Shake Spray is an all-day conditioning treatment that gives color-treated hair an environmental buffer against fading color, dried out tresses, all while smoothing your cuticle for the shiniest hair possible.

Why the odd name? Shine Shake? I suppose it's to remind you that you must shake the product before use, so you can mix the two liquids together. You can apply it to wet hair to really boost shine and smooth the hair. Then add a bit more to dry hair if you need extra UV protection or want to freshen your style.

This is definitely going in my beach bag all summer. For $14, it's a score!

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  1. Seems like such a good price for an essential summer product!

    Boston Princess  


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