Which Top Knot Do You Prefer? (I'm Asking Purely for the Sake of Science.)

I've been traveling quite a bit with two of my colleagues, both of whom I've known for years. Our relationship is more like a bunch of siblings than of merely professional acquaintances. For instance, we have no qualms about acting very goofily in front of each other, constantly teasing and (hopefully) having each other's backs when it counts. You can imagine that, as someone who experiments with beauty trends constantly, the guys are not shy about telling me when I look stupid or when I'm ok to be seen with them (which is the closest to a compliment I'm lucky to get).

(Are you reading her blog? It's my favorite. After you finish this, head over there and check it out.)

Lately, we've been discussing top knots (and yes, I mean myself and the guys on my team). When I first started showing some of the ladies in my office how easy it is to rock a structured top knot, like the one shown above, I got massive grief. These were not popular with the guys. Then, while shooting on location, loads of ladies were sporting a not-so-structured top knot, which the guys seem to think looks a million times better. So in an attempt to win their brotherly approval/test my lack of styling skills/write this post, I opted to wear my hair in a non-structured knot and gauge their opinion.

First off, it turns out my hair is too straight to do a messy top knot. It literally just won't bend. So after I opted to add some wave with hot rollers (more on this adventure later), it became much easier to create a messy knot. Above is how my first attempt at a messy knot turned out. I was fairly happy with myself. As usual, I'm the only girl, so I'll just assume my own opinion means I'm safe to walk out of the hotel. I don't think anyone looked at me any stranger than usual...

So, at the end of the day, the question still remains. Which knot do you prefer? And if you are a guy, accidentally reading this post, please weigh in and tell me whether you like structured or not-so-structured better. Please take a look at my first attempt and the gorgeous stylings of the lovely lady behind HairRomance.com, both shown above. Then let me know what you think, will ya?

As for my team, what did my trusty colleagues have to say? They said that they like my messy top knot better, but having bangs is a deal breaker. So from them it's a vote for messy, just not on me. Considering how well I know them, it's the closest thing to a compliment I'm likely to get.

(I also did a cool braided headband out of my own hair - not one of those cheaty faux-hair braided bands I'm growing to love. I learned how from a tutorial on Hair Romance. Sadly, you can't really see them in this photo, but they rocked. In fact, when I was practicing them the day before one of the guys on my team said, "your hair looks really nice", which is a full 10 on the boy scale of hair noticing.)

P.S.: The following day, inspired once again by my favorite hair blog, Hair Romance, I tried a reverse ponytail. That's when your pony falls forward on top of your head instead of pointing towards the back. I got zilch along the lines of comments from my team,but as I stepped off of the plane a flight attendant gestured broadly towards my face and said, "I really like all of that." Hmm...I'm not sure if that is a hit or a miss, but you'll never know if you don't try, right?

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  1. I love both looks on you! Particularly in the second photo, you look like you could be on Mad Men.

    Coral-Peachie makeup in the first photo looks fantastic!

    Also: is that a true safety pin in your ear, or a jewelry facsimile?

  2. Thanks! It's actually a girly safety pin with crystals on the bottom. I love them!

  3. "I really like all of that" is hilarious! I think the reverse ponytail might be a man-repelling hairstyle but I love it. Your top knots are awesome! I love the braided headband and the messy knot on you too.

  4. I love both on you! :)

  5. Love the messy top bun. Check out http://www.hairtrade.com as they sell clip in buns for people who can't manage the top knot and also products to help texturise hair. They have great hair care brands :) http://www.hairtrade.com/hair-care-c-51.html

  6. Thanks! I really like both styles, but the guys I was working with seem to really, really have strong, negative feelings about the structured one....

  7. So cute on you! I really love it.


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