Trends To Embrace Now & Get Out Of Your Rut: Spring 2012

With so many new trends constantly popping up in magazines, what styles are actually showing up that you can rock with confidence, use to stay ahead of most of your friends and not feel like you are trying too hard? If you are stuck in a style rut, there is no better time than spring to try something new!

The first is a top knot. You've been seeing them in magazines and if you live in big city, this is old news. But for the rest of us, before you say, "I could never do that for real!", yes you can. And I'm here to give you the confidence to try. Dancers and fashionistas have been wearing these forever, and now even the klutziest of us can easily do this. Sure some of the guys in my office are asking why a lot of us are wearing donuts on our heads. But then, without fail, a few of their wives and girlfriends emailed me to ask how on earth I did that and if I could show them.

 (Large sponge donut from Claire's)

It couldn't be easier. There are two ways to accomplish this look that is so easy, you won't want to save it for dirty hair and days where you are running late. You are going to need a hair donut. Grab one from Conair anywhere they sell hair elastics or from Claire's at the mall. Then make a ponytail. Now is where you have options. For a super sleek bun, push the donut against your head. Fan the hair around the donut and add an additional pony elastic over the donut, securing a flat and smooth surface. Then take the extra bits and wind them around the base of the bun. This works great on hair that is slightly shorter.

For a messier look, create a ponytail and add the donut, but instead of putting it at the base of the pony, pull it to the end of your tail. Then roll your hair and the donut down the length of your hair, folding the hair under and around the donut. Pin any stragglers in place and you are set. Add some decorative pins, a headband or even a hair charm for a little extra decoration.

The second trend even shy girls can embrace is stacking bracelets like your eccentric Aunt Zayna. Mix metals, leathers, price points and threads to create an eclectic mix that shows off your personality. Add a chunky boyfriend watch and aim to take up several inches of arm with multiple bangles. Pinterest is an amazing source for finding bangles that fit your personality (and for everything else in the world). The more unlikely pieces are NOT to go together make this work even better.

Braids are everywhere. I'm especially in love with the idea of learning how to do a Katniss braid. This is basically a dutch braid on a diagonal. If you are as clueless as I am as to what that actually means, check out this fantastic video I found online.  I'm adding extensions and practicing this nightly. I haven't nailed it yet, but I'll post as soon as I do!

How are you going to get out of your style rut? What trends are you loving right now?

I bought everything in this post.

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  1. City girls in certain areas of the city know all about this you're right but we also know you don't need to buy no donut!:) A sock similar to your hair tone with the toe cut off and rolled up works just as good for free! I've known about it since the 80's.

  2. I'm way more likely to get on board with a grape then I am neon yellow. I am refusing the neon trend. No thank you, people pushing neon.

  3. I know this is OLD news, but I've been resisting the dark nail polishes like purples and aquas for years.  So, I just bought the most beautiful grape jam colored polish for my toes.  It's sandal season already, so I'm sporting this old but new look for me.  Makes me feel hip.  I 2 years ago!

  4. The donut is so easy. Just try the first method. Smooth the hair over it and wrap the extra around it with several bobbi pins.

  5. I have that donut!! I've been practicing but haven't quite mastered it yet. Also, I saw the HG yesterday & looooved it, esp. Katniss' braids! Girl can work a braid, even when fighting for her life!

  6. I posted my favorite sock bun video a month or so ago. The sock doesn't work for me. My hair isn't long enough. :-(


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