PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser - Chapter One

Last week I told you about the FDA-approved PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser that I have the opportunity to check out. It's basically a lower octane version of the fractional laser your dermatologist uses but this is meant specifically for crow's feet.

I have some deep lines that extend from the sides and from below my eyes, so I am hoping this can improve those lines and prevent them from getting deeper. Here is how it works.

You use the laser every night as part of your skin care routine for four weeks. Then after that, you'll only need to do it twice a week to maintain. The most dramatic results are noticeable after the first four weeks, or so I am told.

The laser itself comes in a really nice box, which is a suitable permanent home for the laser. It also comes with a silicone gel that you place in the area you are treating. This helps the laser connect with the skin without damaging the tissue. You then place the laser directly below your eye, making sure the blue light comes on, which means the laser is in the proper position. Then you simply push the button and it snaps you (similar to what the laser in the derm's office feels like) for three to four seconds. If you haven't had a laser treatment previously, I would liken the feeling to a targeted rubber band snap on the face. It's not pleasant, but you won't cry.  When I've had this done at the doctor's office, it was one quick snap. With the PaloVia, it's many quick snaps in a row.

So does it hurt? I'm currently using it on the lowest setting and it's not pleasant. I'm getting used to it, so it's not too bad, but I'm not yet ready to step up to a higher intensity. Maybe in the upcoming weeks I'll put on my big girl panties and cowboy up to a higher setting. We'll see. Your next question is maybe, "How long does this take each night?". I'm not one for lollygagging or wasting time. I'm probably a little faster than your average chica when it comes to night time routines, but I've got this down to no more than 3 minutes. You put on the gel, cover the target areas (about 6-8 "zaps" per eye) and you are done. It's super simple.

I'll let you know how my results are going as soon as I have anything to report. If you want to jump in and try this for yourself before I finish my full test, be my guest! Pick one up from PaloVia for $499 and let me know what you think!

Laser was sent for review. If I'm markedly less-wrinkled, they are sending me to NYC for a photo shoot, where I will undoubtedly attempt walking and texting and then fall and tear my pants.

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  1. I'm on the medium setting now and it honestly does not feel any different than the low setting. I do get more red, but the feeling is the same.  I have one sensitive area, where it is more fatty directly under the eye, but honestly, it is not that. Next week I will turn it up on to the highest setting and I'll let you know if that is any different.


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