On My Vanity Now : Gargantuan, Green Honey & The Blues

I have so many things on my vanity to share with you, I need a few vacation days to keep up. But with my upcoming West Bound and Sound trip, there is no vacation in sight. So check out what I'm playing with right now.

First up is this gigantic shimmer brick on steroids from Sephora. The Harmony Face Powder, randomly called Let's Dance, is huge. It makes for a great mirror, but will you ever need to buy another? Either way, I love the colors, and each "row" is large enough for you to sample each color individually if you wanted to go nuts.

Next is this 24/7 Freeze Skin Glace', with which I am obsessed. (I've only been trying the basic line for two days, but it seems to actually work. I don't know about its effectiveness on shar pei-like wrinkles, but on my fine lines this totally works.) This product is an unusual cleanser/mask that becomes oddly tingly-foamy when you apply it to your skin. If you leave it on for a minute or so, you'll be left with incredibly smooth skin.

Everyone's favorite Black Honey color from Clinique is all grown up and has its own shimmer block of sorts. This is in the form of a highlighter/blush that looked beautiful on me in the store. I'm trying to stretch my peach limits to include purples and the occasional pink (it hurts). It's really pretty, so we'll see if I can try it without adding some kind of peach into the mix.

I have a lot of new shadows to tell you about, and here is one of my new favorites. BE is launching a new collection of READY quads and duos later this spring. I got my hot little hands on them now. Please say hello to my little friend, The Last Call. I'll have pictures and swatches of the whole line soon!

My favorite new product this week has to be this mascara system. The new Too Faced Mascara Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System actually gives you the look of semi-false lashes. It depends on how false you want to get, but it works if you don't mind the little dry fibers. More on that to come -- you won't believe the before and afters!

I almost forgot! I am intrigued by these Yu-Be Heel and Elbow Moisturizing Socks that claim to help your tired and cracked (or elbows) heels ASAP. I'll be trying these tonight and letting you know what happens! Be sure to check back on Facebook for an update!

Let's see. I bought the Clinique, and the Sephora Gigundo thingie. Everything else was sent for review.

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