LORAC Unzipped Is More Than Another Nude Shadow Collection

LORAC is one of those brands that constantly stays on top of the trends with much higher than average quality shadows, glosses and blushes. Most recently, they've added a few answers to the "naked" trend with their Unzipped Collections.

This particular Unzipped Collection includes a gorgeous shadow quad, plummy blush, mascara and a lipgloss that is almost too pretty to use. Let's take a look!

First, let's look at the shadow quad, which is probably what will draw most of you to this collection. Undercover, the latest shade, is a creamy highlighter that is so close to nude it barely shows on my very fair skin. Unrevealed is a shiny, golden bronze with quite a bit of color payoff. Unlaced is a light brown that imparts a golden shine. It's almost like a slightly darker, shiny taupe. Finally, Unapologetic is a darker golden brown, with a bit of sheen. If you want to use a liner or crease color, this is what you will reach for. All of these colors are beautiful, especially for lighter eyes.

The blush is the the aptly named Plum shade. It's a little more pinky-brown than a true plum, but so purple that it won't work on most complexions. Those with fair complexions will appreciate the amount of natural flush this will give your skin.
The Lip Gloss is Andy, a creamy, shiny nude with a sweet initial scent of candy. It's not sticky, looks beautiful in the case and complements the collection nicely.

Check out these swatches of the gloss, blush and shadows. It's a pretty collection if you are more likely to wear primarily brighter colors.

Overall, if you are looking for a slice of the naked trend but not looking for a huge collection, this may be a nice kit for you. Pick it up for $34 from Ulta.

Sent for review. Completely written and photographed on my iPad. Hmmmph.

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  1. I love this brand and this looks like another great product. Will definitely be purchasing. thanks for the review =)


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