I Went Shopping So You Don't Have To: What's New, Spring 2012

Last Sunday, after checking out The Cabin In The Woods, I went makeup shopping to see what was new and worth checking out. Ever wonder what is new that you can't live without, but don't have the time to check in person? Consider me your go-to girl! Since the new spring (and some of the summer) collections are on shelves, there are definitely some finds you need to know about now!

LORAC Wild For Tantalizer is a gorgeous collection that includes a full face of bronze goodness you are not going to want to miss. If you are looking for Ibiza in a bottle, this is the collection you will want. (the bronzer is not shown, sadly.) And while you are at it, be sure to pick up the most amazing shimmer in a bottle, ever, the 3D Liquid Luster Gold. I loved the platinum shade and the gold is just as gorgeous. A little goes a long way and you want to use it carefully, but when applied correctly, the shimmer is unmistakably beautiful.

These hair bows from Amika made of synthetic hair are affordable and really quite interesting. If you can match your hair perfectly, these will have your friends wondering just how you accomplished such a perfect bow. If they had one in red, I would have picked up the smaller size. Hint, hint, Amika!

Here is another movie-inspired makeup collection. This one is based on Dark Shadows, the old tv show resurrected into a quirky Tim Burton movie.

This collection offers the shades needed to recreate the look for each of the main characters. It offers so many eye, bush and lip options that you'll be busy for days. I did not get a chance to check out the quality, but I have no doubt fans will be willing to drop $25.00 on the whole collection.

Maybelline has launched a gorgeous summer bronzer. The high-impact, shiny bronze bits are sure to make your face look like you've spent the day in the sun, without the damage.

Too Faced has also launched their long awaited summer palette, and it's finally on the shelves. But the collection I could not resist? 

The new Smashbox Shades of Fame palette. I love this so much, I'll do a full post on it later this week. The pigments are perfect, the colors pop and the brush is actually usable. Plus, you get a trial size of the Smashbox Eye Primer!

What are you excited to see this summer? Is there a product you wish someone would make but hasn't? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. The Lorac and Smashbox products are a must have for me! I LOVE the Lorac lips with benefits glosses. I feel like not very many people post about them, but they're so pretty! 

  2. I don't know about them being waterproof. I don't think they are intended to be for the beach, but to add a faux glow after the fact. Have you tried Beautisol Self-Tanner? It's my favorite!

  3. Most of these products are definitely on my to buy list. I'm a little wary of Lorac's tantalizer collection however because I heard they wash off really easily so not very effective for the beach.


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