The Body Bartender is a Line You'll Want to Check Out

The Body Bartender is the brain child of Heather Loosik. It's a great product in a spunky package, designed to bring out the pin-up girl in all of us. After years of looking for a product that met her high standards and not finding it, Heather scoured the beauty world, looking for the right amount of hydration, protection, absorption and scent. Instead of launching with a huge line of similar products, The Body Bartender concentrated on just a few and knocked them out of the park. I got the chance to check out three of them.

Tattoo Protection is a lovely, light and creamy SPF 30 that sinks into the skin instantly. This leaves behind a slight scent that does not smell like typical sunscreen. Instead it smells like that sweet, happy entrance into a cool room from out of the hot sun. It does not leave a sticky film on the body the way a normal body SPF might, which I totally appreciate. I can't tell you enough times how important it is for you to have your skin checked and protected at all times. Especially if you are fair. I know it may not seem like it's the first thing you think of when the weather finally gets nice, but it should be one of the first. This SPF is a great choice.

Next up are two different products that I would normally not review. But because they actually do what they say, I'm going to break my own rules and dish.

Peep Show is a daily moisturizer that firms and hydrates. The reason I don't normally review these products is because I don't think we should turn to a cream to tighten our our bits. I don't think we need that stress and more often than not, these type of products take your money and make you feel badly about yourself. I am not sure why (and I've discussed it at length with other similar-minded beauty mavens), but Peep Show lifts and tightens. I'm no chemist, but it appears that the natural extracts and caffeine must be at work to make my legs look better. And even stranger than that, Peep Show made my chest tighter and more lifted. Which at a letter/size that is outside of the Victoria's Secret alphabet, that was kind of a shock. It changed my appearance so much that one day Loxy asked me if I was wearing a different bra. I wasn't. I don't know if you'll get the same results and I am honestly skeptical about these type of products, but my results were undeniable.

The third product that I tested from Body Bartender is Peek-a-Booty, a tush tightener.  This lotion is chemically very different from Peep Show, so don't think they are interchangeable. This lotion contains Lipocare, which helps plump the skin to fill in the dimples left by cellulite. If this gave me the tush on the package, I would be the equivalent to hot sex on a platter. As far as I can tell, my rump is still not exactly pin up ready, but the dimples are diminished shortly after using the product. Of course, the results are temporary but hey, I'll take what I can get!

Check out all three of the products (and admire the fantastic art on the packages) at These three products range from $18 - $22.

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  1. Wow. Those sound awesome and very unique. Cute packaging, too. Definitely next on my wish list:)

  2. I am loving the tingle that I get from Peekabooty!! Need to get the peep show, cause my girls need all the help they can get!!


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