Which Cream Eye Shadow Is Best For You?

Hey Gouldylox - I'm looking for a cream shadow, with a slight shimmer that won't accentuate my over 40 eyes? Thanks! @In6687

There are tons of cream shadows. While on the surface a cream shadow is a cream shadow, they are not built equally.

First of all, finding the right primer for your lid is important. I know many of these products say you don't need a primer, but they lie. A primer does more than make your shadow stick. It can also even out your eye tone and give you a great canvas to create your look. This holds true with cream shadows and colored primers. Personally, I have normal lids without a lot of crepey-ness. I like Too Faced Shadow Insurance, BE Prime Time Brightening Eye Primer and Trish McEvoy's Eye Base Essentials.

Once your lid is primed, you are set for a cream shadow application. Most cream shadows have their pros and cons, so let's take a look at a several different brands.

Light, Not-So-Shiny & Sheer

If you are looking for a very light amount of color coverage - think sheer and not that shiny - try one of the colored primers. Bare Escentuals Prime Time Primer Shadows include a great color range of these types of creams, as does Clinique's Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8 Hour Eye Colour. They are perfect for layering and creating texture. You can use one as a base color and add a bit of pressed or loose shadow to create any look you desire. Many of the shades are on the nude side and you can build and layer color. Some of these are shinier than others. Bobbi Brown also has quite a few cream shadow shades, but unless you have the lids of a teenager, you may want to look elsewhere. I don't know why, but they cling to every crinkle on my lids.

Light-On-The-Lids, Super Shiny & Opaque

If you are looking for more of a pigment payoff but still don't want anything that you can really feel on your lids, check out one of the brighter shades. The new L'OREAL Infallible Eyeshadows are some of my favorite to come along in a bit. These feel unlike anything else on the market, yet are very light and very pigmented. The Stay-There Buxom Cream Shadows are equally amazing and come in colors that range from nude to high wattage.

Not Exactly Light On The Lids, But Still Shiny & Fabulous

My favorite cream shadows from late last year have to be Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre. The color range is quite limited, but the select colors are quite beautiful to behold. Mirifique (black with sparkle) is my favorite cream liner. If you want to do a crazy smoky eye, this is all you need. These shades are the grown up versions of most cream shadows. These whipped colors are refined (with the exception of Fantasme, which looks like sugar on your lids) and last all day without creasing. Chanel's cream shadows are a medium weight on the lid.

Once You Go Matte...

Maybelline has some 24 Hour Eye Studio Tattoo Cream Shadows that can't be ignored. These shadows include a few matte shades that will not budge once you've put them on. These give you a big color payoff, but feel a little heavy on the lid. That said, they offer matte options which not many lines have in a true cream shadow. Since the light reflects differently on a matte shadow, make sure to use a "fluffy" primer to fill out any uneven-ness on your lid. Matte creams aren't always very forgiving.

Heavy on the Lid. Heavy On My Heart.

I want to love the Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Shadows, as well as the Shimmering Eye Creams by Shiseido. But on me, they are thicker than then they need to be and show every single fine line on my lid. When these shades dry down, they feel heavy on the lid, almost like they are bound to crack the next time I blink. They may be great on you, but they didn't work so well on me. Both of these lines are obviously stellar, but everyone has their Achilles heel, I suppose.

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  1. Great post Kelly! Tarte has some nice cream eye shadows too--not as heavy as MUFE.

  2. I love cream eyeshadow. I feel beautiful when I'm putting on my face. Good because it will last long.

  3. "I know many of these products say you don't need a primer, but they lie." BEST. Advice. Ever.

  4. The L'Oreal ones are powder, not a cream shadow, although I love the ones I have and would recommend them to everyone anyway.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the Benefit ones, since they are so famous. Have you tried those, and what did you think of them? (I don't have any so was hoping to see how they work for you.)

  5. Actually, the L'Oreal I'm referring to are the new hybrid shadows, which are not a true cream or a true powder. They are a weird gel/cream/ink pad concoction. I would not consider them a powder. Benefits are nice as well! I especially love their nude shade! (The name of which escapes me on the fly. Maybe something to do with Skinny Jeans? Or I could have just made that up.)

  6. Here is my review of the L'Oreal Infallible Shades:
    And here is my review for Benefit's Cream Shadow: http://gouldyloxreviews.blogspot.com/2010/01/cream-eyeshadow-that-works-alert.html
    I was so close with the names! Skinny Jeans is a gray/taupe color and BIRTHDAY SUIT is the nude.

  7. That last shot of the purple is so gorgeous!

  8. No mention of MAC Paint Pots? Those are my favorite, along with the Buxom and the Benefit.

  9. Have only tried MAC Paint Pots and I love them, they stay in place of course when blended with eyeshadow but they are even gorgeous and stay very well without. 

  10. Bobbi Brown makes some lovely matte colors that feel really light on my lids, and don't budge all day. They work marvellously as a primer. Also for just a slight shimmer, there's Clinique's Touch Base for Eyes, which just rocks my world in the color Petal Shimmer. GREAT as an overall eye color when I want to look as though I woke up beautiful (and awake) but need to run out the door. (Just a note: keep the little silver foil liner that comes on top of the shadow- don't throw it out- it helps keep the shadow from drying out!)


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