Three Custom Color Chooses A Name For My Adele-Inspired Shade!

A few weeks ago, I asked you to help me name a lipstick color from Three Custom Color that was inspired by Adele's amazing performance at the Grammys. After sorting through tons of responses, I picked my top ten and passed them along to Chad Hayduk and his team of color specialists to select their favorite.

When I originally asked them to re-create the color Adele wore during her performance, here was my description:

What I think is so pretty about this color is that it is a light peach with a kiss of poppy, but it isn't a color that is so light or bright it's overwhelming on her face. She has a crazy full face of makeup and yet it's complementary, which is so hard to do with anything but a very light, almost nude color. I would think it is probably a cream as opposed to something matte or glossy, with a medium amount of shine. It definitely has a pink quality to it, but not in an overwhelming way.  

Chad created my vision perfectly (and picked my favorite name as well!). The name nodded to the songstress, as well as how juicy and lush this pinky-melon shade truly was. The  name Three Custom Color selected is....


Congrats to Abby, who will win two of her own tubes of this Adele inspired delicious color! You can order your own custom lipstick by reaching out to Three Custom Color with your idea or order two tubes of Adelicious by calling 888-262-7714. Thanks to everyone who helped name this gorgeous color!

 Name chosen by 3CC. Product also supplied by 3CC.

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  1. First I want to say a Huge Congrats to Abby for winning these beautiful lipsticks and I have to say, I do LOVE the name. This has nothing to do with the win and I don't want to take anything away from Abby because I really do think she had the best name. I not only LOVE the name but I LOVE the lipstick and plan on ordering 2 tubes for myself first thing on monday. However, I thought I read in the rules to the contest that we were NOT allowed to use Adele's name or the name of any of her songs to name this lipstick. Did I misread the instructions?

  2. Hi Diane!
    The rules could not violate any potential copyright, including using song titles or just her name. Changing the word was deemed an acceptable use and not a violation of copyright infringement.

  3. Thank you for responding. Although I asked that question, I do want to strongly reiterate that I read all the names and by far Adelicious is MY favorite name. So please don't interrupt my question as sour grapes or a complaint. The name is perfect and I personally think this lipstick is going to be a bestseller, not just because of the beautiful product but because the name is so catchy. It's the whole package. Abbey, you done good girl!


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