The much anticipated Sephora +Pantone Universe Color of the Year Collector's Edition Set will hit shelves at many Sephora locations on Tuesday, if it's not already available near you. Tangerine Tango is officially the color of the year according to Pantone. Long-time readers will know that my beloved peaches are always first in my heart.

I couldn't help but order this collection the second it hit the interwebs. So what exactly is included in this orange-splosion?

- 0.02 oz Color of the Year Eyeliner in Tangerine Tango Twist
- 0.31 oz Color of the Year Eyeshadow Quad
- 0.35 oz Color of the Year Prisma Chrome Blush
- 0.38 oz Color of the Year Blush Duo
- 0.1 oz Color of the Year Créme Lipstick
- 0.17 oz Color of the Year Lip Gloss

Before we dive into the colors, we have to talk about packaging. In typical print work fashion, the packaging is lovely. If you are a packaging/printing nerd like me, then super-thick foamcore and metal fasteners make your heart race a few beats faster than your average cardboard blush container. Even the lipstick container feels more solid, more important and more stylish.

 The shadow and blush quads are held closed by four magnets. The easiest way to open these without risking digging a corner into a powder is to gently slide the magnets away from each other.

Ok. Let's talk colors.

Prisma Chrome Blush in Apricot Brandy is a high-shine, sheer wash of color that can work on its own as a blush or as a highlighter. It can even work as a possible twist on a bronzer, if you are up for a natural flush of color instead of the traditional brown bronzer.

It also has little particles of shimmer and makes my fair skin glow.

(Sparrow, Pavement, Scallop Shell and Carnelian)

This shadow quad comes with three surprisingly interesting shadows and one pop of tangerine.

(Carnelian, Sparrow, Pavement, Scallop Shell)

 Sparrow, the aubergine-gray color, is so finely milled it almost feels like a cream. It applies with a touch of shimmer and is a perfect smoky tone for anyone. Pavement is a smoky blue-gray with a touch of golden shimmer. It looks similar to pavement on a hot California afternoon, but without an over-the-top sparkle. The highlighter color, Scallop Shell, is a nude highlighter with a slight touch of pink. Carnelian is a pop of sheer orange. It's not overpowering and will make light eyes sing.

(Desert Flower and Coral.)

The blush duo contains Desert Flower and Coral. Both are high-wattage corals that honestly give me pause. Desert Flower is a bright pinky-coral that is reminiscent of the flush of a small child. It's more matte than not and a little will go a long way.  Coral is very shiny and very, well, coral. A touch of this will go a long way too.
(Coral and Desert Flower)

If you have darker skin, this will look amazing, especially as the warmer months continue to ease their way in.

The eyeliner, Tangerine Tango Twist, is a deep pop of orange. It's long-wearing and comes with a sharpener. I imagine it would look amazing as part of a graphic liner design, or maybe as an unexpected twist as part of a smoky eye. If you want to tone it down and make it look deeper, try applying it over a dried liquid black liner. It doesn't read as a screaming orange, but more of an orange-flecked black. It's interesting. I don't think I'll wear it out, but I'll definitely give it a try from time to time.

Tangerine Tango Luminous is the gloss that comes with this collection. It's a richly pigmented, non-sticky gloss that has a slight taste I cannot quite place. Perhaps it's the traditional Sephora gloss taste? The shimmer and sparkles pop, without seeming too harsh or orange. You can layer it for a brighter look or go with a light coat for a touch of color. Either way, this gloss lasts longer than I remember most Sephora glosses lasting. Perhaps that is what we have to look forward to when all of the glosses are reformulated later this year?

Tangerine Tango Cream is a hydrating, bright, pin-up orange that's hard to ignore. One swipe of the lipstick will leave your lips a soft tangerine. Two swipes and say hello to your red lip-substitute. Try the gloss over the lipstick and you've got a siren calling attention to your lips, in the best way possible.

(Lip Gloss, Lip Cream, Eye Liner)

(Wearing the gloss)

 (Wearing the lip cream)

(Wearing the gloss and the cream)

The question then, is how do you wear this collection together? I'm told it can be done tastefully, even for the most demure, but I'm not sure how you do it all at once. If you've picked this up, post a picture and leave a link showing us how you've done it. I'll do the same!

I can't wait to see more collaborations between Pantone Universe and Sephora. I'm hoping they will do a summer collection that focuses on either blue or purple. But I'm not sure how to pull off a blue lip (beyond a slight glaze that makes your teeth look whiter).

(Wearing the gloss, Desert Rose Bush and all of the eye shadows.)

Are you picking this up or passing it by? There are loads of other Tangerine Tango colors not shown here. Check the shelves or the net for even more orange! This kit retails for $68 and is (obviously) exclusive to Sephora.

I bought this.

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  1. Great review and swatches. I featured this post in my latest blog post :)

  2. I love coral, but I can't wear it! You, however, look ab stunning! Love the lippie on you!

  3. I love these colors! Great burst of Spring! 


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