Armour Beauty Lip Gloss Is Not To Be Messed With.

Armour Beauty Lip Gloss is a  powerful lip gloss created by actress, model and singer Theo Kogen. As someone who performs for a living, Theo was looking for products that could keep up with her, especially on stage. This spring, she's launched two new lip colors in her collection and like all of her lip colors, both of these are named after iconic women.

The first is Lucy, an electric safety orange, named after comedy great Lucille Ball. If you are looking for a true orange without any coral or pink or red, this is your color. This opaque shade delivers exactly as described and wears for at least an hour, if not longer. I wouldn't describe it as sticky, but it's not slick either. It hugs the lips and doesn't let go.

(Shown by itself.)

This shade is great if you want to experiment with turning up the orange on your favorite peach. And if you want to pair a graphic liner with a loud, notice-me orange gloss, this is all you'll need. I'm a little intimidated and a little in love with it. Which, come to think of it, is how all great relationships begin.

The other new edition for spring is a shimmering, opalescent silver gloss. It has an extreme pinking effect on the lips and catches the light like its namesake. Marilyn, named after Ms. Monroe, would be proud of how this gloss glistens like diamonds. For me personally, it's a little too pink. However, I mistakenly discovered that this gloss has other, almost magical powers. As a lip primer, it transforms whatever you put on top of it from a really nice color into some kind of sex kitten, come hither, love magnet gloss. It plays with the light and changes your regular lip color into a softer, sweeter and sexier version of itself.

 (Shown by itself.)

It also seems to make your lips stay hydrated longer, and your color will wear well and fade evenly. If you want to make an impression and dare someone to ignore your pucker, you want this gloss under your signature color.

Both are available from for $21.

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  1. I think orange lips seem so unnatural. I think it can be worn but I never would wear it. If it has a hint of pinky orange I would wear it but I'm not a fan of the orange look. I love the look below. I would like to try some of their other products though.


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