LAVANILA Healthy Deodorant: Does It Work?

With all of the health concerns swirling in the media over what ingredients are good or bad for you, it's no surprise many are turning to alternatives for staples like deodorant. Options abound, but do they work?

I decided to test LAVANILA's Healthy Deodorant. It's made with no aluminum, no parabens, and no propylene glycol. It's available in seven scents, all of which are based around vanilla. I opted to try the Vanilla Lavender, which costs $18 on its own. (You can score three for $44 if you decide you are ready to give up your drugstore variety deodorant).

There are two big things I like my deodorant/antiperspirant to handle: odor and wetness. This won't handle the wetness and it doesn't claim to, so you'll just have to get over that. If you are still interested, or not a big sweat-er, than read on.

I tested this in a few situations, because not every day is equal. The first test was just observing how this wore on a normal day for me. What is a normal day? I work as a TV ad producer for an ad agency, run a non-profit and write for Gouldylox and some other publications. I also blather online randomly, watch a lot of television and sleep. Sometimes I'll play Kinect games.

On a normal day, I found this deodorant fared very well. I had no issues with odor and wetness was under control, as it was not hot outside.

I also tested this on a stressful day. A stressful day for me means all of the above, plus someone threw a monkey wrench into my plans or, more likely, directly at me. On stressful days, I found that a touch of odor crept through, but only if I sniffed my underarms with major gusto. I also find my calves sweat on days like this. Why is that? I don't like that one bit. Anyway....

Finally, I wore this when I actually worked out. I currently define working out as me going for a walk, up and down hills in my neighborhood, when I actually change into work out clothes and work up a sweat. You didn't think I was going to tell you I tried Insanity or P90X, did you? Have you met me? That is not likely to happen. I found that when I worked out, a slight scent crept into my clothes, and was apparent if I sniffed my pits WITHOUT gusto. That said, if you are working out and getting sweaty, you are going to take a shower afterwards and change your clothes, right? You aren't a heathen, are you?

I found that I actually liked this deodorant. I love how it feels when it goes on, something I never really thought about much. It feels cool, hydrating and soothing. And it smells really nice.  If you want to avoid aluminum and don't have the flop sweats often, then this might be for you. Check it out from

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  1. Clumpy and wet? Really? Mine is very solid and cool to the touch and dried almost instantly. I wonder if this is a case of the mini being weird? That was definitely not my experience whatsoever. I'm bummed that was your experience!

  2. Oh I just tried this recently! I got it @ Sephora for $10 (the little mini one near the register was just calling me name). I really, really wanted to like this- I tried it on 2 separate occasions, but it just didn't work out for me. I found it was sooooo moist (eww, gross word) going on- and stayed clumpy & wet and smeared all over the place. I ended up putting my regular Dove deodorant over it b/c I didn't feel safe that it would do its job on its own.

    1. Use a makeup brush to apply cornstarch and baking powder to your underarms. 1/4 of each in a container and shake well. Works wonders. Use a very small amount. You wont sweat or be funky.

  3. I'm willing to be it has something to do with it being the 'mini' version. I have the 'full' version and it glides on smooth, almost like lotion. I also find that it lasts FOREVER (both in terms of amount of product needed and the scent) and I used to use Clinical deodorant before.  However, each person has their own experience and it's good that those of us that don't have a great experience with a product speak up as well :)

  4. Maybe that is the case, it being the mini-size! Maybe I'll splurge & get the big guy :)


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