I'm Such a Fan Girl: CJ's BUTTer

I can't remember the last time I became such a quick devotee to a company. As a blogger I often get lots of goodies to test for consideration. But not so often do I turn around the next day and buy more of the product I just received for free. Not to sound like an overjoyed fan girl, which I am, but here is how CJ's BUTTer has changed my life in the last month.

My hair is shiny.
My cuticles are 100% better.
My lips are perfectly hydrated.
My thumb is not cracked. (At the joint. Gross, I know.)
My dog's ear has healed. (And was approved by the vet!)
I can fall asleep faster.
I smell fantastic.

Seriously. All of the above is true. Let me explain.

CJ's is a self described Unique Boutique that makes a ton of products in different scents that are apparently helpful to those with children. Since my kids have fur, I did not expect to be that impressed. I do have really dry skin, so I was curious to see what something called BUTTer would do for me (besides make me giggle).

A BUTTer is a miracle cream in a stick or pot that comes in scents you'll want to eat. Apparently, it's good for everything. Everything that needs fixing or moisturizing, anyway. So far, I can't see that the previous statement is untrue. I've been using it as a cuticle cream, on my elbows, the itchy bit on my left calf, and my tootsies. All of those bits feel like a baby's bottom. Even my elbows which were, honestly, lacking in the attractive department.

BUTTers are also available in a Spritz formula, which means you can use them on the go. Or right after you get out of the shower, without a lot of mess. The scent of the BUTTer Spritz lingers, so choose wisely--but your skin will feel amazing. Because I'm such a fan, I tried it as a leave-in conditioner overnight. When I woke up the next morning, my hair (which is the opposite of ethnic) looked like I took a bath in grease. I cleansed my hair normally and was shocked at the shine my locks had. I could almost see myself in my own bang reflection. Ok, not quite, but you get my point. My stuff was shiny!

CJ also has a Lip Balm that is magnificent. I immediately ordered some for Loxy, as I was not planning on sharing mine. It makes the driest of lips instantly feel soothed and, in a day or so, will revive the most dehydrated pucker

And because she makes everything (including a great cleanser called Car-CASS cleaner), she even has a Body and Linen Spray. The one I received was Sweet Memories, a lovely fruity-floral scent that starts strong and dissipates into a gloriously friendly and comforting scent that eases me to sleep without the help of my usual aid, Law & Order: SVU.

Finally, I was not kidding about the dog thing. My blind pooch Ernie, has an inner ear-histamine-fungal issue that is making his ear inflamed, itchy and stinky. CJ has a BUTTer Plus that is great for things like athlete's foot, eczema, and psoriasis, so I figured why not try it? I applied a bit to Ernie's ear, where it was inflamed. The next day, the vet came to the house to check it out. He said he could tell that the inflammation had gone down and that we should continue using the BUTTer Plus. One month has now passed and Ernie's ear is almost completely healed.

The best part is that CJ's products are all reasonably priced and deliver on what they say. I'm a total fan girl. Check them out for yourself!

Sent for review. And purchased by moi.

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  1. I just ordered a sampler, and some lip balm, and some cleaner concentrate....  and I'm excited!


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