Extend Your Blowout With Dry Divas

We all know the secret to extending a great blowout is not getting your hair wet. Forget swimming, just taking a shower can ruin your style, but it's not like you can avoid bathing. Serious blow out girls know that not all shower caps are created equal. Some don't have enough elastic to keep the moisture out and some actually let in drops of water around the hairline.

The Dry Divas Shower Cap keeps hair totally bone dry. And who doesn't need a little extra fun in the shower? The thick cap, made of laminated fabric, keeps moisture out and is large enough to fit over some updos without risking a smush.  It's available in three sizes: little diva, bouffant and classic. If shower caps in the past have left you slightly damp and disappointed, Dry Divas is different. There is almost 1/2 of an inch wide band of elastic around the edge--a traditional cap has only 1/8th of an inch!

While I never really thought anything was missing from my shower, the Dry Diva Shower Cap is actually fun to wear!

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  1. These are so cute! I'm going to buy one for my daughter!

  2. I just bought 4 for birthday gifts!! I love these shower caps!! 

  3. Love these!! I just bought 4 the other day for birthday gifts!! 

  4. my dry diva is absolutely the best shower cap i've ever bought. great quality, great product, great design!


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