The Easiest Way To Get Beachy Waves: The Beachwaver Rotating Curling Iron

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In case you haven't seen me chatting about Sarah Potempa's Beachwaver Rotating Curling Iron on Facebook and Twitter, I thought I would introduce you to the styling tool I can't stop playing with. What makes this iron so special? Even the klutziest girl, with practice, can get perfect beach waves without burning her hand.

I have other clipless irons and I am constantly burning my hand, even when I wear a heat glove. Now don't get me wrong. I don't know my left from my right, either. I know you can make an "L" or "write with your right". My dad didn't know his right from left and neither did his mother. So I'll assume I inherited that trait. My point? You are going to need to practice with this iron to get it right. But once you've mastered knowing your left from your right, you are moments away from having perfect, beachy waves.

Here's how it works. You take the Beachwaver and, with the clip facing you, place a section of hair about an inch from the bottom under the clip. Then, assuming you started on the left side of your head, press the "L" button. Then press the "Go" button until your hair is wrapped around the iron. Hold it in place for 5-10 seconds, then release the clip and slide the hair out. Do not try to reverse the iron and unwind your hair. Just release the clip to let the hair slide out and cool.

Here are things you need to keep in mind when using this iron.

  1. Make sure you always start with the clip facing you, curling iron pointing up.
  2. If you are curling hair on the right side, make sure you press the R button.
  3. If you are curling hair on the left side, make sure you press the L button.
  4. Don't push the GO button for so long you that hit your head with the iron.

This iron is significantly larger than other irons, several inches larger than my Sultra curling iron. The Beachwaver also heats up in less than a minute, all the way up to 450 degrees. It includes a digital temperature gauge so you can control how hot the iron needs to be to wave your type of hair.

Much like the other spinning heated styling tool, the InStyler, you have to work hard to get your hair stuck in this iron. I know spinning appliances give hairdressers the chills whenever they see them on TV but rest assured, this iron is easy to use and you can't really get it stuck in your hair.

That said, this iron does have one downfall. The Go Button is constantly in the place where I want my thumb to be. This comes in handy when I want to spin the clip around to the front, but not so handy when I'm not expecting it. This takes some serious practice to learn to keep your thumb away from the buttons when you are not attempting to use them. However, all the good outweighs this one issue.

So how does it look when a massive klutz like me uses this tool? Here is what I did. I started off with dry shampooed hair, with a little thermal spray added to my strands. Then I combed each section of my hair so the waves would be neat and pretty. Then, grabbing inch-wide sections of hair, I made my way around my head in ten minutes.

After my waves cooled, I brushed them out with this brush and added a little pomade to make my hair look piecey-er. I like to have really wavy waves, but if you want more of a gentle bend, try holding the iron in place for less than five seconds.

The Beachwaver retails for $199.

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  1. Thank you! It does work on shorter hair, but you have to have hair long enough to wrap around the barrel a bit. Amber from Beauty Junkies just did this review and her hair is much shorter than mine.

  2. MarciaF (beauty info zone)October 3, 2012 at 5:03 PM

    Your hair is gorgeous! It grew so much. These are the best pictures I've seen of you! 

  3. My directionally challenged friend! I knew I wasn't alone!

    Sent from my flattest computer.

  4. I can't get left and right straight either. I know which is which if I think about it, but 10 times out of 10 if you ask me for a direction will say the wrong one. 

  5. This sounds almost too good to be true! I've always been a bit scared of spinning hair products as well.... intrigued!

  6. This is the best thing since sliced bread. I swear I use my beachwaver 3-5x/week. SO AMAZING


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