Delightfully Scented: The Soap & Paper Factory

The Soap & Paper Factory is a little shop in New York where lovely, environmentally conscious and delightfully scented candles, solid perfumes, scents and lotions are created. From the design on the packages to the recycled containers to the scents within, each is the vision of Beth, Shannon and Lisa, the women behind the brand.

If you are new to The Soap & Paper Factory as I was, please meet your new go-to site for gift giving. Each product is beautifully made and scented. When you have finished with the candles, the specialty Italian glass can be reused for water, wine or juice. The diffuser bottles can also be reused and all of the boxes are wrapped in recycled paper.  All of the items are hand-blended and made in the USA. They make for both lovely gifts and presentations.

But I hope you don't think that means you shouldn't try these products for yourself. I got a chance to check out two lotions, a room diffuser and a solid perfume. So let's take a look at all three, shall we?

Let's start with the Room Diffuser. I recently was lucky enough to receive an amazing present from a friend - custom shelving, storage and a vanity for my beauty nook!  While it was no big deal to my friend and her husband, who completed the task in under three hours, it was truly like being on one of the TV room makeover shows. The final touch that made my nook complete was the gentle citrus and green tea that continues to scent my vanity room, more than two months later. It's light, fresh, uplifting and delicate.

Next is my new obsession. Now we all know my nose isn't great at detecting scents (and my ability to detect flavors in wine is worse still), but I love the Jasmine Hand Cream. This velvety lotion does a perfectly nice job of hydrating my hands, but the smell of the jasmine in this cream amazing. S&P describes it as "innocent" and "intoxicating" and I must agree. This is strongly scented and lasts for quite some time. While it's not strong enough to last for a full day, it is lovely if you want to fall asleep (or something else) in a scented veil of jasmine. I do have to say that this is one of my favorite scents of all time. Regular readers know that I adore Tuberose, Jasmine and Gardenia. I'm a sweet, floral girl, not a musky, spicy kind of chick. If you're with me, you'll love this.

Finally, I got a chance to check out their solid perfume in the Midnight Scent. Midnight is a blend of Jasmine, Tuberose and Citrus--right up my nose, so to speak. Like all solid perfumes, you'll need to apply this throughout the day, so ritualistic fragrance wearers will adore the sweet smell that allows for multiple applications. Because it's made with jojoba and beeswax, you can even use this as a pomade, which strikes me as a delightful option for my perpetually misbehaving bangs.

Check out all of these and more from The Soap & Paper Factory.

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  1. I got a chance to check out their solid perfume in the Midnight Scent. Midnight is a blend of Jasmine..
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  2. Because it's made with jojoba and beeswax, you can even use this as a pomade..
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