Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Creams and Marvelous Moxie Glosses

Since I've been caught up in the wonderful world of orange lipstick, I've been neglecting lip glosses lately. There are two releases you should know about, one from Buxom and one from bareMinerals.

Let's check out the Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Creams first. These Lip Creams are available in seven colors from Sephora and are priced at $18 each. These are different from Buxom Lip Polishes because they are slightly more opaque, while still being very glossy. Of course these still have the same "push up bra" effect for your lips. I picked up Cherry Flip, which is a gorgeous reddish, poppy shade. It's been sold out at every Sephora I've visited so I was thrilled to nab the last one at my usual store.

These Lip Cream colors are definitely creamy, in their color even more than texture. Imagine taking a vibrant raspberry and mixing a touch of cream into it. The raspberry pales, is slightly thicker and is now different in appearance.

Lip Creams are not like the previously released Full Color Buxom Lip Colors, which were full of rich pigment, like a liquid lipstick. These are more of an opaque gloss. The wear is similar to a traditional Buxom Lip Polish.

Also new from bareMinerals are the Marvelous Moxie Lipglosses. These glosses can best be described as moisturizing, plumping, sheer and shiny gloss. While Buxom glosses are very, very cool and minty, these glosses are more of a cinna-mint. There is still that distinctive tingle, but way less than a Buxom. In fact, the tingle is much more like cinnamon than cool, winter mint. If lip gloss were chewing gum, Moxie would be a minty Big Red and Buxom would be more like Dentyne Ice. Is that at all helpful? Clearly, I've digressed.

Moxie colors are sheer, pretty and very shiny. The website claims you'll get hours of wear but for me, that was a little bit of a stretch. As with basically any gloss, if you get an hour of wear you will probably consider yourself lucky. I did find with the Moxie glosses that they tend to get more cinnamon/minty-hot the longer you wear it. This is the opposite of my experience with the Buxom Glosses, which are really intense when you first put them on, and then the mint settles down. I picked up two Moxie colors to try, Daredevil and Party Stopper.

Daredevil looks to be a luscious shimmering grape in the tube.

On the lips, it's a sheered-out version of what I had expected. It's very pretty and it wore for about an hour.

Party Stopper is a bright coral in the package and applies a sheer and shimmering version of the same.

Are you inclined to try either of these newbies? I dislike cinnamon immensely and was surprised it didn't bother me in the least.  I'm very fond of both of these formulas - check them out!

I bought these with my debit card that still doesn't work properly.

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  1. Buxom lip glosses are my favorites.  Interestingly, I've never liked the glosses from bareMinerals - too sticky or something.  Maybe the Moxies will change my mind.  

  2. I am a fan of the sheer colors and all three of these look GREAT!


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