Airbrushing and The Damage Done

As you know, I'm a contributor for a British beauty mag called She Said Beauty. It's brand new, so check it out, will you?

Many of you that know me may be familiar with my recent interaction with a professional mean girl. If you're not,  after reading this post hopefully you'll be moved to stand up for yourself and those around you when mean girls strike. But all of that girl-on-girl crime got me thinking.

Why did she think she could act that way? Because her mom didn't hug her at night? Or maybe because the media had shown her loads of messages every day, filled with gorgeous, unattainable images that sent her on a quest for perfection that only ended in a self-loathing buried so deep that it was only recognizable when it came out as vile mean girl talk? I'm no psychiatrist, but I'm willing to bet the latter has more to do with it.

Check out the whole story here, on She Said Beauty. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Hello I tried to comment on the article not sure if it went through I used a faux facebook account as I disabled mine. I love your blog and I dont' mean any disrespect by mty comment. I feel a very similar way about how mean we are and left a similar in them comment on a beauty blog I read just the other day. Here's my but this sentence "know I can’t have poreless skin (pores do actually serve a bodily function!), but I want it. Angelina Jolie has it. Even Kelly Osbourne appears to have very perfect skin and I can promise I have had nowhere near as many exciting nights her._
    I think if Kelly read that sentence she'd feel similar to how you felt with the reporter.I know you'll say it's because of Kelly's drug use in the past but I believe this is true of Ang as well. I don't think Kelly would see it that way if she read it..
    Again no disrespect. Your blog is never mean in tone( was gonna say you'd never me mean- Like I know you). Women can be mean with is the bigger issue than the airbrushing. If we all banded together and reaffirmed each other of our individual beauty and aspiring to the ideal( I read where the majority of facial plastic surgery that ALTERS is aiming for features of or like Angelina Jolie.
    Also as far as that reporter she can go kick rocks.....Even if she was pretty outside she's ugly inside

  2. I hope Kelly wouldn't feel that way. She always looks perfect. Which was kind of my point. We all know Kelly leads a busy and exciting life of late nights and early mornings. Yet she always looks great, especially in the ads she does for the new metal. I wish I looked as good as her, but I can't, because it's not realistic to have poreless, flawless skin. Even though I know I can't have it, I still yearn for it, and search for products to fill that need. It's a weird cycle to be in, especially as a beauty blogger. I agree 100%. We need to band together and celebrate our unique traits that make each of us special!

  3. I think part of the issue here (besides the issue with false representation by advertising companies and the beauty industry itself) is the lack of kindness in this country. I have heard very similar comments from grown women in the middle of the mall. Hell, I have been guilty of saying things like "I can't believe she wore that skirt." And later thought back on my statement and my own thoughts and realized that I was being mean. I don't mean to turn this into a rage against society, but we see people in the media and the cult of celebrity who act outrageous and get paid to do so. Your encounter with the reporter acting exasperated because god forbid those in your office are not the gold standard of beauty in the US embodies this. The ladies in your office might not have been the type of style mavens she was looking for, but she certainly should not have expressed that to you! I see the problem of two fold - indoctrinating us with cookie cutter images of what is beautiful and teaching us that manners aren't worth anything.

  4. @Lacquered - don't even get me started on the lack of manners or kindness in society. I'm right there with you- we need to make a conscious effort to do away with stereotypes of cookie cutter beauty and appreciate the beauty that is around us.

  5. Love your article! And thanks for standing up and saying something :) 


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