UNITE Lazer Straight Relaxing Fluid

UNITE gives good hair. They just do. They know which textures and polymers that make the magic happen. When I tried their Boing! Curl Enhancing Cream last year, it made my straight hair curly. Now that I want really straight hair, why would I even question if Lazer Straight Relaxing Fluid would do anything other than make my hair poker straight?

Here's the deal. The Relaxing Fluid is similar in texture to a light lotion. You apply it evenly throughout your wet hair and then dry with a round or paddle brush. The end result is a lovely, straight, humidity-resistant finish that holds its shape. And I'm not sure why, but I swear my hair feels cleaner on the second day when I use this. My hair feels slightly thicker, almost like I used a light hold styling cream.

If keeping straight edges and lines is your goal, this is definitely worth checking out. Pick it up from your favorite local salon or online, starting here. If you are in Baltimore, pick it up from Studio 921 in Locust Point.

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  1. Sounds interesting! I'm always down to try out a new hair product. 


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