Spring Nail Obession: Corals and Konad

(Konad M85)

I am obsessed with crafty nails again. And by crafty, I mean really easy and basic Konad/sponge/water marbling designs. My current favorite involves using two polishes and one new Konad plate. Obviously, you can customize this look to whatever you like, but I'm really liking how these two corals delicately play off of each other. The combo is decorative and pretty, without being flashy. Blues, turquoises and greens would also make for perfectly on-trend pretty nails (as if you needed another reason to use that For Audrey color).


If you are new to Konad, it's easy to do. You basically apply polish to a Konad plate, scrape off the excess, use the stamper to pick up the design and then use the stamper to put the design on your nail. Piece of cake. There are literally schmillions of tutorials on the Internet to show you how to use Konad.

I used Barielle's Gotta Have Fate as the main color. I used Essie's Tart Deco as the Konad stamp color. Pretty, easy and perfect for spring! I used the M85 Konad plate for the actual design.

Check out Konad plates and polish here. It's really not hard to do. If I can do it, anyone can!

Konad sent for review. Polish purchased by me.

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  1. I'm extremely into eye make-up..specialy MAC atm :) I discovered MUA and swapped a lot haha!! I like a sexy look with bold colors for my boring work. Still hooked on nailpolish, but I told myseld 2012 I defo need to buy less and use /combine what I already have :)
    New for me is more Argan based product specially for my hair. My sister in law is a hairdresser and she frequently gives me small tester so I can find my holy grail product woop!
    Rest all is great, still the same crazy me ;)

  2. gorgeous sweetie!!! love the colors, let summer come I'm pretty fed up with rainy days eugh

  3. what is new on your side of the world? How goes things? What are you loving right now???

  4. They look so good!



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