Sephora Double Contouring Cream Blushes are Domes of Goodness!

Cream blushes make me woozy. Especially when they aren't priced at $38 each, like my favorite YSL in Velvety Peach. I am not going to defend Sephora's house brand for one hot second. Except you should know that their new Double Contouring Cream Blush is pretty awesomesauce.

 (Squeeze the left and right sides and the top pops up)

Before I dive into colors and techniques, let me help out you googlers, who are no doubt in search of how to open the blush. They didn't make it easy, did they? The packaging is really similar to the Urban Decay Stardust Shadows. Squeeze the plastic rim on both sides and the top will pop open. You're welcome.

Now, back to the details.

(Coral Flush, Apricot Sheen, Golden Spice, Poppy Pink, Rose Glow, Flashy Fuchsia)

Sephora has released six glorious mounds of creamy cheek color. Three have a satin finish and three have a slight sparkle or shimmer. The colors blend seamlessly into your skin and wear pretty well. I would suggest setting them with a powder when you are finished to extend how long they last. I've easily gotten about eight hours of wear out of the Golden Spice and Apricot Sheen.

You can apply these cream blushes in a few different ways. You can use your finger for a medium amount of color, or try a fan brush for a slight hint of it. If you really want a strong color payoff, try applying the dome of color directly to your cheek for the most color impact. Better yet, apply the blush straight from the dome under your foundation for a lit from within look. And if you are looking for a cheap Orgasm, Coral Flush is almost a perfect dupe.

I picked up Apricot Sheen (you aren't surprised, are you?) and Golden Spice. I specifically picked up Golden Spice to mimic Adele during her Grammy performance. She used her cheek color to contour. On my fair skin, this tone is perfect for achieving the same look.

Check them out at Sephora for $14 each.

I bought these myself. And my debit card worked this time.

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  1. Thanks for addressing the most important part - opening the product! But also we love that you demonstrated the look of the blushes on your skin and gave an example of your ideas for application (contouring). We know that makeup color always has a different look in the light according to skin town, and using your own as a baseline display is a nice point of comparison.

  2. I see Flash Fuchsia and go ooooooh :) Poppy Pink is nice too.


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