Recyclebank Day of Beauty For Two Giveaway!

Last week I told you all about Pantene's new bottle, made mostly of sugarcane, courtesy of Recyclebank. Now, while you have a little bit of time either before or after the big game, take a minute and play this interactive game from Recyclebank and Pantene and enter to win a Day of Beauty for Two! (I know it's no Madonna or the Puppy Bowl, but who doesn't love a makeover??) And while it's no secret that I am more of an animal lover than I am a champion of the environment, I do think it's pretty amazing that a large company like Pantene is taking strides to do better. If everyone takes a few steps to improve our environment, imagine what we could actually accomplish! Play the game and enter to win. If you are chosen, let me know! You know I love almost nothing more than really good before and after photos!

PS- my ending score was a 12. What did you get?

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