Josie Maran Beautiful Nudes Shadow Collection

Josie Maran's Argan Beautiful Eyes shadows are new to me. I know they've been around, but I never got my hands on any of them. First of all, you may wonder what is actually in these shadows, especially after learning what isn't in them. They are toxin-, paraben-, cruelty- and fragrance-free. They are made of organic materials and the packaging is recyclable. What is actually in them? Argan Oil and flower and fruit extracts to start with. This allows for a really smooth product that is soft and goes on slightly differently than other powdered shadows.

I tried the Beautiful Nudes collection, which is Josie's take on the nude palette trend that has been showing up everywhere lately. This collection includes four large, gem-shaped shadows and a smaller band of a darker shadow that makes for a great liner.

These powder shadows are softer than a traditional pressed shadow. I don't know how else to describe it, other than that they are softer, as if they are more finely milled than your average pressed shadow. Perhaps it's the unique shape, the argan oil or they way they are made. Either way, softer shadows seem to mean a glossier texture on the lids, which I love. To me, these shadows give more of an expertly airbrushed look than a traditional shadow might give. I don't mean in the harsh, theatrical way, like you are a going to a Gaga concert after work. I mean in the romantic way way, like moonlight is dancing on your eyes in a soft, pretty way. Yeah. Like that. Not like Gaga.

(Liner, corner crease color, crease color, lid color, highlighter/base color)

Now that we've established that, let's take a look at what the nudes actually look like. While I prefer pretty colors, I've actually reached for this palette for the last three days. Which is saying something serious.

I have read elsewhere that the shadows are "crumbly" and are difficult to apply evenly. While they are on the soft side, I haven't experienced any crumbling. I did find that these apply best over a primer (you are using one of those, right?). I like to apply the lighter shades with a fluffy domed brush and the darker colors with a slightly stiffer fluffy brush. Then I go back with my fluffy domed brush and do a light wash of the lightest color over the whole eye to blend it out, and add a bit of additional glisten to the eye. I've had no creasing issues and they don't fade on me.

Overall, I love how they look and wear. I love the satin-y, glistening texture. I am definitely considering picking up a few more, as the palettes are available in collections of Purple, Smoke and Blues. This collection would be great for someone who works in a conservative environment, but wants to have fun with their shadow. You know, like an attorney in the peachy state of Georgia.* Thoughts?

* I am not insinuating that all attorneys in the south are conservative. I've seen movies where they are not (or they work for the Devil himself!). However, a friend of mine is a conservative southern attorney and this is perfect for her.  In fact, if there are random things in my blog posts that don't make sense, it's probably a random hello to someone else; hidden in a blog post, like an ear tug from Carol Burnett. Send me an email and maybe I'll send one out your way!

Sent for review.  Not tested on animals. 

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  1. Thank you! I really like them quite a bit. They are soft, but they are so pretty on...

  2. That looks so pretty in the pan that I wouldn't want to touch it lol! Great colors on you too. You look lovely. :)


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