Garnier B.B. Cream is a Great Option for the Fair

I love that we are finally catching up with the rest of the world on the whole B.B. Cream issue. Not sure what a B.B. Cream is? Basically, B.B. stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm and it was created to give patients with sensitive skin (or post laser-treated skin) a lightweight coverage that also included potent skincare. Most come in a very limited skin tone range, focusing on the lighter skin tones, instead of darker ones. These balms also usually include skin-lightening ingredients, free radical protection and an SPF. The original B.B. Creams were very pigmented and provided enough coverage to conceal things like scars, blemishes and sun damage.

In the U.S., several of these B.B. Creams have launched over the past year. I've tried the ones from Dr. Jart, Boscia, Smashbox, and Too Faced. Most B.B. Creams will set you back around $25-$50, so they aren't always the cheapest new product to try.  In a move that surprised a lot of us, Garnier recently threw their little green hat into the B.B. Cream ring with the launch of their Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream.


It's only available in two shades; Light/Medium and Medium/Deep. So as usual, there isn't a huge range of people outside of pale to slightly-not-so-pale that this will work for. But, if you do fall into that category (most B.B. Creams are very limited, shade-wise), this is worth the $13. I found it to be hydrating without feeling greasy. It also provides a nice amount of coverage without feeling heavy. It even contains Vitamin C to help brighten the skin, and an SPF of 15 to prevent further sun damage. I don't know that Vitamin C on its own is a miracle, but I didn't name the product. Of course, the constant use of words like "guru" and "miracle" is seriously grating as of late. That aside, it gives a radiant, pretty finish to the skin.

(I have no virtually no makeup on the left- I can't get off the Perversion from UD!
On the right, I'm only wearing the B.B. Cream. Also, for those following the Saga of the Hair, I did cut the bangs. )

I really like the coverage, look and feel of this B.B. Cream. And you can't beat the price. If the color range works for you and you are curious about B.B. Creams, definitely give it a try!

I bought this. Without a coupon or anything.

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  1. Ive seen this in my local Wag. I definitely want to give this a try !

  2. Eh. I was disappointed. I found the "light/medium" to be a bit too dark, and I am usually second-lightest in most foundation shades (that is, not super pale).

    I'll agree that the texture is nice, but I was disappointed in the coverage and the relatively low SPF. I liked my regular tinted moisturizer a lot more.

  3. i've tried tons of bb creams since it exploded on the asian market. i  understand why western brands think they have to get on the bandwagon, it's just good business.  of the few western brands i've tried, i like the clinique one.  
    hopefully this one by garnier comes to the Philippines and soon.

  4. Thanks for the review!  I actually won this from Garnier's facebook giveaway and can't wait to get it in the mail. I am a die hard bareMinerals user, but find that my skin has been looking lack luster lately. This might be a nice thing to add to my routine.

  5. I really want to try a BB cream and like Boscia's but am not willing to pay the $40 pricetag. Definitely going to get the Garnier one. Thanks for the review

  6. I saw a commercial for this for the first time last night :) I think the light/medium might be my perfect shade... can't wait to try it :)


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