Embracing the Messy Hair Trend: DIY Updos

If I start one more post with, "Now that my hair is longer," I might force myself to eat my own eyeballs on principle. But in all honesty, now that it is longer, it's like living with a stranger on my head, one I am still getting to know. I marvel at the fact that my hair, once shorter than if it had been shaved with a #2 (stylishly shaved, though), is now long enough to be worn UP. And since my own styling chops aren't up to snuff yet, there is no better time than to explore the trend made just for ladies like me, the messy hair updo.

And because it's supposed to look like you did it, you can't lose. There are a million tutorials online that show you how to do specific styles and I'll link to a few of them. In the meantime, let's take a quick look at some of my favorite styles that couldn't be easier. And I've given them ridiculous names because I can.

The "Harley Quinn, Medicine Woman"

Section your hair into two low pigtails. The piggies should be behind your shoulders, like a respectable adult, not on top of your ears. Now combine your piggies into a ponytail, putting the elastic slightly low on the pony. Make sure it's a little loose as well. Now pull the pony through the gap in the middle, making a pretty twist. Tuck the ends wherever you feel like it and secure the whole mess with a pretty clip or barrette. Or some of those clips that hide in your hair and hold everything up. Want fancier? Add a headband or a fascinator and you will be ready to walk a red carpet. At the very least, you're ready to leave the house in style.

The Gibson A Go-Go

While this isn't really an updo, it almost starts that way so stick with me. I just heard about the Hair Band No Heat Curls the other day on the interwebs. Always up for a DIY project, I'm pleased to announce that this worked like a charm. Granted, my hair doesn't like to bend in the back, so I had to touch that up with a Sultra Bombshell. But I also don't think I did a great job rolling it in the back. It does take a little bit of practice. I got beautiful waves and they stayed in all day, which was shocking to me, as my hair has been Thermafused. I wet my hair slightly--really I misted my hair--with UNITE's 7 Seconds Leave-In Conditioner and rolled it. The results were shiny waves in the front and hair that needed to be touched up in the back. It took me ten minutes to unroll the hair, use the Bombshell, add a headband and walk out the door. And my waves lasted all day!

The Sock Bun

After watching a video online, I fell in love with the idea. I can't do a sock bun but maybe you can, so I'll share the details.  Stylist pal Natalie Lamb tried it and got great results. However, if you don't want a huge bun, try a dress sock instead of a tube sock. Here is the genius video that shows you how to do it, courtesy of Beauty Woo Me (I didn't name this one, though).

What are your favorite messy updos? If they are easy enough for me to attempt them, please share! (Ok, just share anyway. Most people are nowhere near as klutzy as I am and will have better luck.)

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  1. I couldn't do the sock bun either lol Over on Pinterest I heard about braiding your hair in about five loose sections. After which you run a flat iron over each section, and allow them to cool. This is supposed to give you nice waves. I have not tried it yet though..


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