The Best Cream Blushes for Fair Maidens

I adore a cream blush. I love to build blush and sculpt cheeks and wear multiple colors at once. But every now and then, a few colors come across my vanity that give my very fair skin editorial-looking cheeks without really even trying.

What's an "editorial cheek"? You know. Those poses in the glossies where someone is on a farm, straddling a fence with sheep in the background? Or where they are wandering around, lost, in their childhood neighborhood? Where the models look pensive, or just plain angry? If you've ever spent much time poring over these photos, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The blush is barely there, understated and sculpted.

Since I have such fair skin, picking a blush that really pops is easy. Picking a blush that slightly flushes my cheeks and blends seamlessly is hard. Having that color last most of the day is almost impossible.

My favorites right now are the new Magic Smooth Souffle Blush  by L'OREAL in Angelic. This faint kiss of peach makes your cheeks look like they've been shaded with a delicate flower petal (assuming you are as fair as I am). This color actually lasts for an entire day, which was quite shocking as as it's so delicate.

Another favorite is By Terry's Apple Cider Cream Blush. This slightly rosier, dustier neutral shade adds a color similar to when you gently bite your lip. It's not a full pink, just a slight flush. But the texture and the sheen make it look amazing. It's a powder-cream hybrid that leaves you with a satiny glow. Curve this color up around your eyes and back towards your hair line and you'll be impressed with how it accentuates your eyes.

I would be remiss not to mention Josie Maran's Sunset Argan Cream blush. This color is that gorgeous, very light color you see at that perfect moment during a sunset.

It gives the cheeks a dewy glow that lasts throughout the day, while Josie's Argan Oil keeps your skin looking fresh and rested.

Why stop with just a cream blush? Add a little depth to your cheek hallow or a bit of sunlight to your face with Sue Devitt's Bronzing Pressed Powder. Apply this with a fan brush for a hint of color that isn't too dark for us fair maidens.

(Sue Devitt Bronzer, Josie Maran Sunset, By Terry Apple Cider, L'OREAL Angelic)

What is your favorite cheek color right now? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I love Illamasqua's cream blushes ...

  2. nice blushes! but i'm not the cream blush kind of girl, since my skin is so oily, but luckily it fits you!
    That light coral blush from Loreal looked so fab, and i can imagine it suits you well!/Azure

  3. Great review!! I'm really fair and there are some good recommendations here. Love the look of the L'oreal souffle blush! xxx 

  4. My current fave is Rimmel's Autumn Catwalk.  That Angelic looks so lovely though I think I will have to check it out.  Thanks for the review.


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