Beauty Shorts: Buttery Lines, Dastardly Don'ts and Magnetic Attraction

Clinique recently launched some new liners, Quickliner for Eyes Intense. These liners claim to be Clinique's darkest, most dramatic liners yet.  They claim these never need sharpening and are equivalent to liquid liners. Addicted to all things charcoal (and peach) as I am, I picked up the Intense Charcoal. The wear is pretty great and they are possibly the smoothest liners I've tried in a while.

They are also so soft that more product needs to be twisted up after applying to one eye. So don't expect this pencil to last forever, but it is buttery soft , stays and glides on. Check it out in any of the six colors for $15.

Love Nails, Inc.'s Magnetic Polish, but hate the price tag or limited colors? I just spied these Magnetix Polishes at my local Rite Aid. I haven't tried them yet, but I bet the magnetic apple doesn't fall far from the polish tree. If you have checked them out, let me know how they worked! I liked the Nail's Inc. ones, but did find them to be a little hit or miss (or it could be a pilot error.) Let me know if you try them!

Finally, as a public service announcement, I would like to tell you why you should never, ever, ever, under any circumstances, let people put lash extensions on you for $20. I thought this seemed obvious (kind of like how you are SUPPOSED to take care of your kids). Here is the way lash extensions work. Trained professionals take lash extensions very seriously. In fact, reputable companies won't sell their extension products to people who haven't completed their training. The training may include any or all of the following (this is from Xtreme Lashes):
  • Submit proof of health/beauty license or credentials.

  • Take a 2 day hands-on eyelash extensions training training program (9 hours in each day).

  • Successfully complete the Level 1 Training Program.

  • Spend 1 month practicing and successfully complete 12 Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions applications on models.

  • Successfully complete a Certification Training Program by demonstrating:
    • Proper use of eyelash extension adhesive
    • Proper eyelash extensions attachment.
    • Proper eyelash extensions styling and design.
    • At least 45 eyelash extensions per eye during the 2 hour application time. 
This process calls for using a very expensive type of glue next to your eye. Using the wrong kind of glue can cause all kinds of issues, including blindness or loss of vision. Eyes are not like your hair. They don't grow back if someone does a bad job.

Lash extensions are expensive because of the time it takes to complete the process, which is usually around two hours. The materials are very expensive. You get what you pay for and if you are paying $20, you are gambling with your eyesight. I'm not saying that any place that does this kind of work is bad, but you get what you pay for. And since you just can't get new eyes, please be careful.

I bought the Quickliner. I didn't buy anything else, nor was anything given to me for promotional purposes.

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  1. WOW! Those are some cheap prices, although I would be afraid to do the lash extentions for $20, the full set of acrylics for $18 would be amazing, I pay $35 (in southwest va) for a full set and that's the cheapest i've found. Where is this place? I bet they are using those lil ardell individual lash kits you can buy at walmart and just popping a few on, there's no way they are buying the REAL stuff for lash extentions.

  2. I have used those polishes from Rite Aid and really like them. I got a green and a purple/blue color.

  3. Not that I don't agree with you about the entire using trained professionals but these little type of place that are charging $20 for eyelashes are just glueing on fake ones for you( like the ones you buy in the drugstore). They've been proven safe to do on one's self for years, having someone else glue them on doesn't seem like a big deal to me...

  4. If they were selling it as just applying false lashes, that would be fine. But the places I've seen aren't. They are billing it as "lash extensions" that can last for weeks. I have no problem going to MAC or any counter and having someone put false lashes on me. It's when they use semi-permanent glue that isn't meant for use near the eye that worries me.

  5. I agree completely as to the eyelash extensions & going to a trusted, trained professional. Any time an adhesive is used near your eyes- you get what you pay for in terms of quality.  Why would you put your eye health or risk your real lashes? We have had to remove extensions gone wrong & let me tell you it's not pretty!


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